10 Best Sugar Bowl Of 2021 – Review and Buying Guide

Sugar bowls have been a part of our kitchen as far as time goes back. As an evolutionary product, it has changed since. But along the betterments, it has also brought us quite some hardships.

Whether it is too small to store your condiments or too flimsy to last for a significant time, the list of problems is endless. And we bet you could add some to this, too!

Hence, we have taken the burden to drown into the sea of sugar bowls available out in the market. The good news is that we have fished the best sugar bowls among them to present to you right here. Along with that, we have set up a guide that will help you buy the number one product to satisfy your sweet tooth.

5 Best Sugar Bowl: Recommended

10 Best Sugar Bowl Reviews:

To bring an end to your unwanted qualms of having to look through so many options that pop up, we have done the tedious searching on your behalf. As a result, we have listed the top ten consumer favorites and the ones we think are the best.

1. OXO Good Grips Sugar Dispenser

OXO Good Grips Sugar Dispenser
  • Side spout allows for easy, controlled pouring and minimizes moisture...
  • Stainless steel accents provide kitchen-to-table appeal.
  • Clear, BPA free body shows fill level and lid twists off for easy...
  • 9 oz capacity - hand wash only.

Tired of having to find spoons to dispense sugar? Not anymore with the good grip sugar dispensers from OXO! It is an easy yet effective solution to access your favorite condiment without the hassle of looking for utensils.

Whether you need a dash of sugar in the dead of night or the crack of dawn, this nifty appliance has got you covered.

The sugar dispenser features a side spout specially designed for easy pouring and giving you maximum control over it. Moreover, this feature also helps in moisture reduction, which prevents sugar particles from clumping.

With its stainless-steel accents, you can place it on your kitchen counter without worrying that it will not match your kitchen aesthetic.
Furthermore, the dispenser bodies have clear exteriors and are free of BPA.

Compared to packaged sugar or other condiments, this feature enables you to know the exact sugar level inside the bowl. Plus, its twistable lids that come with a silicone seal are both easy to refill and are a significant factor that allows freshness retention.


• Component designed without BPA.
• Clear component allows you to see fill level
• Easy refill
• Comes with twistable lids
• Lids feature a silicone seal

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2. Kate Aspen Ceramic Sugar Bowl

2,296 Reviews
Kate Aspen Ceramic Sugar Bowl
  • White ceramic bowl and lid "sugar and spice" on one side of the bowl...
  • Sugar bowl measures 3 ¼" h x 3" in diameter
  • Gift presentation includes clear display gift box; white-satin ribbon...

What holds sugar, spice, and everything nice? The ceramic sugar bowl from Kate Aspen! It is a set of a white ceramic bowl with a matching lid on top that looks good anywhere you put it in. This sugar bowl is the perfect dish to place on your countertop that can both serve your purpose and enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic.

The brand has thoughtfully designed the component for consumers. Hence, they can easily access their favorite condiment without the hassle of twisting any lids or swinging any shakers.

This sugar pot conveniently adds a lid that you can open and close whenever you need it. Moreover, this kind is perfect for you if you prefer unlatched lids over shakers or twisty bottles.
However, some might assume that the bowl and lid may not be tight enough to retain ample freshness.

But in reality, that is definitely not the case! Besides, the sugar bowl comes with silver printed letterings, making it perfect for birthdays, baby showers, or for simple daily use.


• Compact in design
• Perfect for party favors
• Adorable and cute looking
• Can be used for multiple purposes
• Affordable

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3. Mud Pie Door Knob Sugar Bowl

3,273 Reviews
Mud Pie Door Knob Sugar Bowl
  • Constructed from ceramic
  • 2-Piece set includes bowl and lid
  • Vintage inspired doorknob handle
  • Bowl measures 2. 5" X 4" Diameter, lid is 3" X 4. 5" Diameter

If you have a knack for vintage dishware, this one from Door Knob will definitely catch your eyes. It is an exquisite pairing of ceramic sugar bowl and vintage influenced doorknob handle. This set is undoubtedly an antique and chic charm to add to your coffee corner or counter space.

In terms of the product build, both the bowl and the lid are made up of ceramic. The removable lid consists of a crystal doorknob handle which creates an eye-musing appeal in your kitchen decor. Who doesn’t like crystal and shiny things, right?

This specific sugar bowl is spacious enough to fit more than the average amount of sugar or other condiments. Plus, you get a matching spoon along with it. How nifty is that!
The spoon, too, is made up of sturdy metal parts and similar vintage accents as the bowl set. This set can serve you as a chic and adorable present to gift to your loved ones!


• Vintage-inspired design
• Consists of a removable lid
• Constructed with sturdy white ceramic
• Ideal as an elegant and chic gift
• Holds sufficient content

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4. 77L Sugar Bowl

77L Sugar Bowl
  • Actual Volume: 8.58 FL OZ (254 ML or 1 Cup). We carefully measured the...
  • Perfect for home, hotel, cafe, buffet, party, etc. Suitable for...
  • Elegant design, smooth appearance. The glamorous white porcelain will...
  • Made of ceramic, bamboo and food grade acrylic spoon. (The food grade...

Whether you are a fan of natural bamboo finishes or curved ceramic dishware, this one from 77L will satisfy both the penchants.
This elegant and eye-pleasing set features a lid and a spoon for your utmost convenience and ease.

With this in your kitchen, you will never have to stress about keeping extra accessories around!
Best of all, the lid that the bowl is equipped with is a flip-able one and not a twisty kind. If you are someone who often loses the top of containers or misplaces them, this bowl is definitely a deal maker for you.

Plus, you will not have to worry about breaking the lid and having to use a replacement with this one.

On top of that, this one is easy to clean and maintain due to the high-quality ceramic. Similarly, the spoon is also composed of food-grade acrylic, which is a safe choice for both you and the environment.


• Fashionable appearance
• Sturdy and heavy-duty
• Bottom shaped to fit minimal space
• Consists of a flip-up lid
• Holds enough content to last a long time

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5. DOWAN Porcelain Sugar Bowl

DOWAN Porcelain Sugar Bowl
  • 10 Fl.OZ (294 ML or 1.2 Cup). This sugar bowl doesn’t take up too...
  • Comes with Porcelain Lid and Spoon. Cute Spoon works well and keep a...
  • Healthy and Sturdy Porcelain Made. This sugar jar with lid and spoon...
  • Safe for Dishwasher & Freeze. DOWAN white sugar holder is durable and...

Have you ever opened your sugar bowl to only find out there isn’t enough to sweeten your coffee? But felt like you refilled it last week? You aren’t the only one. We’ve faced this untimely trouble too! But don’t worry, the porcelain sugar bowl from DOWAN is right here to fix this.

This 12-ounce porcelain dish features the ideal capacity to last for about a month. With this one in your kitchen, you don’t have to stress about sugar running out before the due time. Moreover, if you are a busy person, this nifty dishware will have your back at all times.

Furthermore, this set of sugar bowls comes with a lid and spoon; It saves you from the hassle of having extra ones around. Plus, the sets are dishwasher safe and are also freezable.

Thus, cleaning and maintaining them will be a breeze for you! It also is relatively compact and neat in size, which can be excellent if you have less counter space.


• Comes with a lid and spoon
• Fits 12 ounces of content
• Easy to clean
• Dishwasher safe
• Made with sturdy porcelain material

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6. DoDola Retro Ceramics Sugar Bowl

DoDola Retro Ceramics Sugar Bowl
  • Size: 3.7" dia x 2.8" H. Capacity: about a cup/8oz
  • Made with high quality ceramics
  • This glamorous ceramics sugar bowl will complement on any home decor....
  • Suitable for Home, Hotel, Cafe, Buffet, Party, etc. Perfect to Serve...

If aesthetics is over anything else for you, this sugar bowl from DoDola is definitely what you need. This eye-pleasing ceramic dishware can both serve you fair use and add glamour to any corner of your kitchen. It is a small yet attractive dish that you can use to store anything you can possibly think of.

It might be compact but is mighty when it comes to useful applications. The concise build makes it easily fit your counter space without it taking up much space.

If your countertop is more on the smaller side, this sugar bowl should definitely make fit in while looking adorable and elegant.

Moreover, if you intend to match your dishware with your home décor, the exquisite design of this one will be charming. Plus, the bowl’s edges have a proper indent to hold the spoon in it without leaving any large gaps. This ensures that the content inside of it stays fresh.


• Aesthetic design
• Made with high- quality ceramic
• Equipped with a lid and spoon
• Apt with modern decor
• Suitable to fit any condiments.

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7. Classic Clear Glass Sugar Bowl Set

Classic Clear Glass Sugar Bowl Set
  • Bowl: 4.1 inches in Height, 3.1 inches in Diameter.
  • Big Capacity: 6.1oz,suitable for serving condiments like sugar or tea...
  • Constructed from high-quality glass.It is both stylish and durable,...
  • Perfect for both everyday use and special occasions.

This one is for the classy taste buds who prefer simple yet elegant items in their household. You can find a bowl matching that description from LYNK HOME. Pair it to your kitchen décor or the aesthetic of your home; the possibilities with this are endless indeed!

The full glass body bowl offers not only opulence but also clear and easy recognition. Unlike most dishes, this one has a see-through surface that enables you to check the fill without having to guess.

Moreover, this set is also accompanied by a spoon, which allows easy and quick access. The spoons vary from either ceramic ones or stainless steel-made ones.

The component itself is made up of high-quality glass that is easy to clean and relatively durable. This stylish sugar bowl set makes up for a great gift and also for use daily.


• Easy to maintain and clean
• Suitable for daily use
• Appropriate for gift purposes
• Accompanied with a spoon
• Easy to check the fill level

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8. Kook Sugar and Creamer Set

Kook Sugar and Creamer Set
  • ✔️ Classic Charm : Includes everything you need for your home...
  • ✔️ Perfect Size: Compact design fits snugly onto any countertop or...
  • ✔️ Easy Clean: Stick right into the dishwasher for super simple...
  • ✔️ Smooth & Sturdy: Designed with simple and elegant white ceramic...

Many say the bigger, the better. In this case, we do too! By bigger, we mean the more pieces, the better of course. This three-piece set consists of a sugar bowl, cream and milk dispenser, and a sweetener packet holder. Everything you need for a perfect coffee setup is included in this assortment.

On top of that, the selection also comes with a spoon and a lid to offer you the most ease possible. Unlike most dishware sets, this one comprises a sweetener packet holder, a great source of comfort for people who use packaged condiments.

Plus, the different dishes can fit snugly into any corner of your kitchen without any hassle. The compact and small size construction is what makes them this versatile.

Moreover, they are easy to clean, microwave-proof, and, most importantly, dishwasher safe. In terms of design, they are designed with sturdy white ceramic that looks pretty with any decor in your dining.


• Set of 3 pieces
• Compact in size
• Mess-free cleanups
• Simple design
• Sturdy construction

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9. GoCraft Sugar Bowl

GoCraft Sugar Bowl
  • Made of Polished Galvanised Iron, Unbreakable and Durable, Dishwasher...
  • A Wooden teaspoon is included, for efficient dispensing, and rests in...
  • Suitable for Home, Hotel, Cafe, Buffet, Party, etc. Perfect to Serve...
  • Can be given as an adorable gift, or used as a necessary utensil for...

If you have a thing for wooden or black accents on your dishware, this could be the next potential purchase for you. This sugar bowl from GoCraft is the perfect combo of a matte black bowl and a wooden lid. Not only a lid, but the set also comes with a wooden spoon to match it all.

Coming down to its actual composition, the dish is manufactured with polished galvanized iron. This pretty much makes it unbreakable and extremely durable. Moreover, the bowl itself is dishwasher safe, easy to clean up and maintain.

The bowls are designed in a drum shape, making up for a symmetrical and amicable arrangement on your countertop.
Furthermore, the dish features a neat indent on its edges that makes the lid close perfectly and keeps its content humid-free.

As mentioned, the set is accompanied by a wooden spoon, making it efficient and easy for you to dispense its content.
Whether you want to put it on your coffee corner or gift it to someone, this set is ideal for all.


• Dishwasher safe
• Cleanups are easy
• Very durable and sturdy
• Suitable for multiple settings
• Efficient in dispensing condiments

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10. Newness Stainless Steel Sugar Bowl

Newness Stainless Steel Sugar Bowl
  • Made of Polished Stainless Steel and Clear Glass, Unbreakable and...
  • We carefully measured the actual volume/capacity of the sugar bowl to...
  • Clear Glass Lid for Better Recognition.
  • Suitable for Home, Hotel, Cafe, Buffet, Party, etc. Perfect to Serve...

Have you ever been in a rush and have spent ages looking for the one condiment you want? Not anymore! With the stainless-steel item from Newness, you won’t have to waste a single second looking for them. How you ask? It is because the dishware comes with a glass lid that allows precise and easy recognition.

Even if you have cluttered or small counter space, the product’s compact and neat component will make it look sorted and tidy.

But, do not let its size fool you. It might be small in size but definitely does not lack when it comes to useful utilization. However, the spoon this set comes with is smaller than the average size.

In practice, if you don’t end up enjoying its size, you could always use it to stir your beverages. Also, the bowls themselves are made of stainless steel, making cleanups and maintenance easy and hassle-free.

The best way to clean them would be to wipe them with a damp cloth and dry them with a paper towel. That’s it!


• Made with stainless steel
• Has a small stature
• Comes with a clear lid
• Allows easier recognition
• Takes up less space

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What to Look Before Buying?

Knowing which products can fit your needs might be challenging at times. Especially if you are an online buyer like most of us, it can get more complicated. To save you from this dilemma, we have gathered some of the key features you should keep in mind while purchasing a sugar bowl.

Durability and Quality

A critical step to finding the perfect match to your requirements is being conscious of your selected product’s quality. Many dishwares look great from afar but turn out the otherwise when you pick it up and examine it closely.

So, a quality check is always a good idea for you, even if it belongs to a popular brand.

Moreover, the idea of durability comes from the right quality product. Naturally, if a product is made from high-quality material and a similar quality finish, its durability should be promising as well.

Composition Material

Picking up a bowl’s material depends entirely on your preference and needs. Whether you want a glass dish or a plastic one is entirely on your hands. Suppose, if you have kids around or fear that the glass will shatter, then the best choice for you would be to buy a plastic sugar bowl.

Similarly, if it’s otherwise, then you could opt for glass or the other kinds available on the market. But definitely, consider your living situation and preferences before making a final call on a specific one.


Another crucial step in finding the perfect match for you is the size of your dishware. Before making a call on a product, consider the size of your counter space and the dimensions of other dishes arranged together.

If you have less counter space, a trick to get the most capacity from bowls or dishes is to get taller ones and not wider. This saves much space on your counter and, at the same time, gives you significantly more room to store. Learn How to Make a Trifle Bowl?

Final Words

It is always fun and exciting to accessorize your kitchen with different items that can store your daily condiments and other necessary supplies.

It can often get challenging to find the best sugar bowl from the many that pop up online. In the market. And the worst of all is if you end up buying one that is the exact opposite of your requirements.

To save you from this redundant trouble, we have tried to include the ones we have found and believe to be the best. Keep the critical considerations in mind and get the one that caters to your necessities. With all that sorted, you are just a step away from getting a sweet stacking bowl!

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