Can You Freeze Almond Butter?

Those with peanut allergies or those looking to add a nut butter to their diet can use almond butter as an alternative. 

Because peanut butter is more expensive, keeping it fresh and preventing spoilage is essential.

How should almond butter be stored and can I freeze it? This is a question many people ask. Below we’ll provide some detailed information. 

So, can you freeze almond butter? Yes, Absolutely! When frozen, almond butter lasts between six and twelve months. It only needs to be portioned into appropriate serving sizes, sealed airtight, and allowed to expand when frozen. 

Learn how you can accurately freeze and defrost your almond butter by reading on!

Can You Freeze Almond Butter?

If you are considering freezing your almond butter, there are a few different reasons for doing so. The almonds may have gone rancid because you didn’t finish the container. Or, you can freeze portions of the almonds to put into smoothies. 

Freeze Almond Butter

The container your almond butter comes in won’t be very helpful if you freeze it since you will be right back where you started when it comes to trying to use it before it goes bad after it thaws.

You can freeze almond butter with ease by following these simple steps.

Portion and Seal

You should purchase containers that are as close to the size you need to consume one container of almond butter every few days. 

Fill the containers with almond butter. Do not fill them all the way. Leave a little room on top for expansion.

You should leave some room when freezing food with water content to prevent the container from warping or opening. 

To prevent freezer burn, you may wish to cover the top of the almond butter with plastic wrap before you seal the container. 

Label & Freeze

The date and contents should be written on some masking tape once you’ve sealed your almond butter, and then stick it to your container.

Some people may consider skipping this step, but sometimes it’s hard to remember what and when you froze. 

Use within six to twelve months after freezing. 

How Do You Freeze Almond Butter For Smoothies?

For smoothies, you can portion out your almond butter into ice cube trays and freeze it.

To prevent freezer burn, I put the frozen food in an airtight freezer bag. The almond butter will freeze completely in 24 hours.

How Do You Defrost Almond Butter? 

The method you choose to defrost your almond butter will depend on what you intend to use it for. In that case, it doesn’t need to be thawed at all. Add a few cubes to your smoothie and blend it as usual. 

The day before you will need to use one of your almond butter containers, I recommend defrosting it.

Defrost Almond Butter

Refrigerate overnight for it to thaw. It is possible for me sometimes to place the container directly on a small plate in my kitchen in order to capture any condensation.

If you’re using an organic brand, give your almond butter a stir once it’s defrosted.

It can sometimes become oily or solid, giving the material a slightly unattractive feel. You’re back to eating delicious, smooth almond butter in no time! All you need is a spoon and a little stir. 

How Do You Preserve Almond Butter?

In almond butter, as in other nut butters, you will find omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Despite their health benefits, this fat is sensitive to heat, light, and air. Consequently, they can spoil quickly, resulting in an unappetizing almond butter. 

To mix oils and solids in your almond butter, stir it once you get it home. The almond butter should be stored in the fridge to maintain optimal freshness.

You can keep the oil in a dark, cool pantry if there is no space in your refrigerator. 

How Long Does Refrigerated Almond Butter Last?

It will stay fresh in the refrigerator for about one month if stored in the refrigerator. Almond butter is bad when its fats become rancid and taste sour or bitter. 

Here’s a delicious alternative to peanut butter: almond butter cookies!

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