Can You Freeze Soda?

Whether for the beach or for entertaining, you might be brainstorming ways to make fun drinks for the summer.

When you looked in your pantry, you may have seen a stack of soda cans and wondered, “What will happen if I freeze one? 

So, can you freeze soda? You cannot freeze soda in a can or jug. In a freezer or when trying to open the can, carbonation and expansion in the soda will cause the can to explode. To prevent this, you can freeze soda to create ice cubes.

Carbonation can potentially cause your can or bottle to explode if you keep it in your freezer.

The following is a guide to why you should not freeze that can of soda.

What Happens If You Freeze Soda?

Although freezing your soda may seem like a good idea, it is best to keep your can out of the freezer.

A can of soda once blew my mini fridge door off after it was left in the freezer section!

As a rule, water expands when frozen and so do sodas. Once the liquid freezes in soda cans and bottles, there isn’t much space left for it to go.

Freeze Soda

Carbonating is another way to give them their fizz, by introducing carbon dioxide under pressure into the liquid. As a result, sodas create that satisfying fizziness.

Bringing frozen water and carbonation together is a recipe for disaster. 

During the freezing process, the soda expands, pushing out the carbon dioxide, which is far less soluble in solid forms than in liquid ones. In the freezer or when you open the can, this can cause misshapen or exploded cans.

Can You Freeze Soda In Ice Cubes?

You can freeze soda in its container, but that poses a problem. The expansion rate of water-based liquids (like juice or soda) is about 10% after freezing. The bottle or can needs to have lots of extra room unless it comes as a liquid. 

In the ice cube trays, can you freeze soda? Absolutely! Be sure to give the soda room to expand in the tray so that it doesn’t spill.

However, keep in mind that when you freeze soda, the CO2 will escape, so you will lose its fizz when it thaws.

The ice cubes you get from freezing soda in an ice cube tray will not be smooth, but rather slushy-like in texture. Because the molecules of water are pushed out of their desired patterns, the soda freezes in this texture.

If you want smooth soda ice cubes, you must use either dry ice or liquid nitrogen to freeze the carbon dioxide. If you want to make slush, just freeze ice cubes! 

Can You Freeze Soda In A Cup?

It’s possible to freeze soda in a cup as well, as long as you leave a bit of space at the top, just like you’d freeze it in an ice cube tray. Leave about an inch between the rim and the bottom of the cup for expansion. 

The texture of your soda will always be slushy when it’s frozen, and it will lose its carbonation as well. After freezing your soda, you’ll still have the flavor, but you won’t get much fizziness. 

Can You Freeze Soda Water?

The same process is used for carbonating soda water as for flavored and sweetened sodas. However, it does not contain any sugar. The can or bottle in which soda water comes will likely explode if you freeze soda water in them. 

Although you can freeze soda water, you’ll lose its carbonation and it will end up more of a slushy texture than a solid ice cube.

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