How to Assemble a Piping Bag?

Whether you like sweet or savory, you can’t deny baking a delicious cake has its moments, especially if you make it from scratch. You put so much work into it, and it tastes delicious. The problem is you now need to decorate it.

Some people say you eat with your eyes as well. So, a cake with cool decorations never goes to waste. To decorate using frosting, you will firstly need to know how to assemble a piping bag.

This guide will help you do just that. If you haven’t done it before, don’t worry. There are just a couple of simple steps you need to follow. Before we dive into the steps, though, let’s look at the types of piping bags you can use.

Types of Piping Bags

Piping or pastry bags come in different types. Each of them has their special characteristics that are good for different things.

Pastry Bags

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These are the best bags to use when you’re decorating cakes and other desserts. Made from all sorts of materials like polyester or plastic-lined cotton makes these bags a great choice.

What’s great about them is some are machine washable. So, you can reuse them as well.

Parchment Cones

You can use parchment paper and cut it into a cone shape to use as a piping bag. Parchment cones can also be bought from the store. But we are sure more professional chefs or passionate home cooks will prefer making their own cones at home.

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There is another benefit to making the cones at home as well. You can choose how small or big they need to be. If you need just a small cone for little frosting, you can simply take a little bit of parchment paper, then fold and cut it into a cone.

After use, throw them away. You don’t end up wasting parchment paper this way.

Disposable Pastry Bags

Another common type of piping bag you will come across is disposable piping ones. These are made from very strong plastic.

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The good thing about these is you can use them is after you’re done, you throw them away. There is no mess to clean up. They’re disposable, after all. And the clear plastic also makes it easy to cut when you insert a coupler in.

Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with what a coupler is yet. We have a complete piping bag assembly guide coming right up.

Plastic Bag

If you don’t have access to any of the above, you can just any clean, sealable plastic bag and use it as a piping bag. Just make sure it’s airtight and clean.

I mentioned clean twice now. So, you can see how important that is. That’s because bags like pastry bags or plastic bags are meant to be in the kitchen and used for pastry making.

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With these sealable plastic bags, you aren’t sure where they have been. Don’t just use any plastic bag and cut it to shape to use it. Get a clean one.

Anyway, with these bags, what you do is put frosting on one corner of the bag and cut the corner off.

Then squeeze the frosting out the opening and decorate your pastry. This isn’t the best for more detailed and intricate designs, though.

How to Assemble a Piping Bag?

Now for the main event. Let’s look at how to assemble a piping bag. There are just a couple of simple steps required. Before that, you will need a couple of things:

  • Any type of piping bag
  • Coupler base and ring
  • Decorating tip
  • Scissors

The Steps

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1 – Get a Piping Bag and Place the Coupler Inside It

Firstly, take the piping bag you’re using and place the coupler on the narrow end of the bag. The frosting will come out from this section of the bag.

Push the coupler as far down as it would go, and then mark the place where the tip of the coupler stops.

Take your pair of scissors and cut the bag exactly at that point. You don’t need a marker with disposable piping bags. They are see-through, so you can just eyeball it.

When you’re done cutting, push the coupler through again till you can see the tip at the point you cut the bag.

Step 2 – Screw the Decorating Tip with the Attachment

Place the decorating tip inside the attachment and then simply screw it into the bag. You can easily do this by screwing it in place by you come at it from the outside.

The threads are what keeps the attachment and decorating tip attached to the coupler. It will screw in tightly from outside the bag. This is why you can also push down the coupler until maybe 1 or 2 threads are showing.

Pro Tip: You can change the decorating tip easily if you want to do different designs on your cakes.

Step 3 – Fill your piping bag

Once you’re done, just fill your piping back, and voila! You just assembled a piping bag. That wasn’t too hard, was it? Filling it isn’t tricky. Fold the top of the bag (the open end of the cone) outward.

And then spoon the icing or frosting inside the bag. When you have the amount you need, squeeze it from the top and see if the icing or frosting comes out properly or not. Doing this will also get rid of the excess air bubbles.

Another way you can do it is by putting the bag inside an empty glass and then folding the top. Fill it with your icing or frosting using a spoon, and you’re done.

Wrapping Up

Now you should know how to assemble a piping bag. When you know what you’re doing, it really isn’t all that difficult. Just make sure that the attachment and decorating tip are screwed in properly to the coupler. This will help prevent any unwanted messes.



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