How to Use Egg Cups?

As you’ve stepped in here as part of your interest in egg cups, it’s a clear sign that you like trying new things every now and then. Actually, egg cups might sound like ‘not so big deal,’ but somehow, they’ve been managed to be part of a lot of kitchens these days. We’re guessing your one is on that list too.

So, we thought of letting you know how to use egg cups and some other useful aspects related to them. After all, what is the meaning of trying something if you can’t even get the chance to know all the ins and outs about them?

How to Use Egg Cups: Step-by-Step

If you’re a true kitchen geek, then we bet you love doing things in a sorted way with a bunch of clear instructions. So, without bringing any exception to that, we’re about to get you some instructions on using the egg cup, step by step, if you’re ready to follow, of course. Let’s get started then?

Step – 1: Putting the Egg Cup on the Table

First, put the egg cup on your table. Make sure that you’ve got it adequately cleaned as you don’t want dirt on the egg. Plus, the hygiene of the food is also related to that. Choose a surface that is solid enough as you don’t want any wobbling while doing your work.

By the way, before you go any further, there’s another thing you’ll have to take care of, and that is the size of the cup. We don’t know what kind of egg you are planning to work with, and depending on that, there can be a variation in the size.

So, ensure that the cup is not too big or too small for the egg. Plus, the material it’s made of has to be food-safe too.

Step – 2: Putting the Egg In

Now take a perfectly cooked egg and put it in the cup. But while putting it in, make sure the larger end is going in there. If you’ve worked with boiled eggs before, then you already know the narrower part has to face the ceiling, always.

Step – 3: Striking with a Knife

Take a sharp knife now. Hold the egg with one hand, but a part of your hand has to be on the edge of the cup. There are two reasons for that. One, it’ll help you to stay in balance and keep the egg stable while you hit the shell.

Two, it’ll keep you away from putting too much force on the egg with your hand as that can cause cracks on the other sides of the shell and spoil the work. Now, strike the shell with the knife with sufficient force to cause a crack. Gently tap it on the upper or narrower portion of the egg.

Step – 4: Rotate and Strike

Now keep rotating the egg and keep tapping the shell at the same angle as before. Gradually, the whole circle will get cracked within a short time. Once you’re done there, flip the broken head.

It might not be perfect in the first shot, but with enough practice, you’ll be able to do that like a pro. By the way, don’t forget to take out the broken pieces if they have somehow slipped in the egg. After all, you don’t want to cut your tongue with a bite, right?

Which One Is the Ideal Egg Cup to Be Used?

For perfect execution, it’s always important to choose the right cup. So, for that, you need to know which one will serve your purpose the best. The easiest way to figure that out is knowing the types of egg cups available out there.


If there is any material that has been able to put visual appeal and quality on the table at the same time, then it’s porcelain. Thankfully, this material is being used in making egg cups too. The strength of this material has established these egg cups among the sturdiest in the industry.

They’re considered an amazing choice mostly due to their appealing and flawless designs. But that doesn’t mean they’re free of drawbacks too. The only drawback we’ve noticed is that they are a little bulky. So, if you’re asking for anything leaner, then this is probably not going to work out for you.


For hundreds of years, glass-made accessories have been occupying a significant portion of utensils in our kitchen. So, the glass-made egg cups had to be an addition to that as well.

The best things about glass-made egg cups are they’re easy to get, come in beautiful design, and cost less than most other materials. But the problem is they’re more prone to cracking and breaking than the other types of egg cups.

Drop it once, and you’ll be looking at a pile of broken glasses. So, if you’ve got kids in the house and they’re awfully close to the utensils, then maybe avoiding glass egg cups will be a better idea.


We know egg cups are not expected to be made of wood, but the truth is wood-made egg cups are superb as a choice for this segment. Making these egg cups is quite a tedious job, but the result they come with surely is admirable.

Due to being made of wood, they are not damaged easily. So, even dropping them from the hand won’t be causing any crack on them for sure. But the problem is they’re not available in too many designs as woods are comparatively less flexible compared to other materials.


Indeed, plastic-made products are at their peak of popularity due to their versatile nature. So, you’ll get to see the use of plastic in making egg cups too. They’re way cheaper than the other high-end materials. Just make sure that the one you’re choosing is food-safe.

Stainless Steel

There’s no doubt that stainless steel-made utensils have always been on the top of their game. No matter what you ask for, whether it’s durability, design, or lightweight – they’ve got it all, and that includes the stainless steel-made egg cups too. So, if you’re asking for something super sturdy yet cheap, then this is it.

Risk Factors in Using Egg Cups

We don’t think there’s anything major waiting in this part. As most of the egg cups are made of food-safe material, there’s no chance of them contaminating the egg. But there surely is an aspect where you need to be careful while using it.

When you’ll be using a knife to crack the eggshells, keep your hands in a safer position as you don’t want your fingers to get cut. Except for that, there’s nothing else to worry about.

Final Words

It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to learn how to use egg cups but mastering it or how you’re going to do it perfectly is totally on you. We’ve shown you the easiest way to pull that off, and now all you need to do is practice.



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