How To Tell If Turkey Bacon Is Bad?

Knowing the differences between turkey bacon and real bacon can be challenging when using it.

As far as look and texture are concerned, as well as shelf life, they are not the same. It is important to know when the bacon has gone bad. 

How do you tell if turkey bacon is bad? After being opened, raw turkey bacon can be stored in the fridge for 7-14 days. In the event that your turkey bacon turns brown or grey, stinks, feels slimy, or feels sticky, then it is already bad and you should dispose of it immediately.

As a result, we will provide you with tips on determining when your turkey bacon has shuffled off its mortal coil.

If you are worried that you will not be able to cook it all up in time, we’ll provide you with some tips on how to make turkey bacon last as long as possible. 

Has Your Turkey Bacon Gone Bad?

Turkey bacon is an excellent choice if you are looking for a healthier alternative to bacon.

People turn to turkey bacon because it still satisfies their cravings for bacon, but it is lower in fat content and does not contain as much grease. It is also much better for individuals watching their cholesterol. 

However, if the nutrition content is so different, are there also differences in the way it should be stored and how it should be disposed of?

After the sell-by date, turkey bacon is generally only good for up to 7-14 days.

Has Your Turkey Bacon Gone Bad

In general, we recommend erring on the side of caution and sticking with the seven-day guideline. However, you don’t always have that much time before you need to be concerned about whether your turkey bacon is going bad. 

Apart from checking the dates, there are three ways to tell if turkey bacon is bad. You need to look, smell, and feel it.

Most items can be tested using these tests and you can tell if they have gone bad if they pass them. We recommend against eating turkey bacon, since it may be bad as well . . . well, ew.

You will learn what to watch for to understand whether the turkey bacon is bad or whether you can still use it as we move through this guide. 

We will also discuss some storage solutions later in this guide. 

1. Appearance

As a start, let’s talk about appearances. Turkey bacon can sometimes be seen as bad right away and discarded easily.

If you do this, you won’t need to sniff it or touch it. Those methods can still be used in conjunction with taking a close look if you aren’t quite sure. 

There is a natural pink color to turkey bacon. Pink that looks natural and isn’t too pale or bright. The bacon has this coloring. There is only one difference between the pink and the white-yellow of the fat.

As bacon deteriorates, it is likely to change color from its original pink hue. Bacon that has spoiled often takes on a brown or gray hue.

Even if the change happens slowly, if you notice these hints of color, it is probably not good. 

These brown or gray tones can also be accented by blue or even green. It is most likely that the turkey bacon is growing mold and has spoiled. It cannot be consumed.

Turkey bacon tends to develop these colors after it has been exposed to air, but the moist environment inside the package could cause it to present even if it has not been opened. 

In the event that you’re unsure if your bacon is spoiled but it seems brown or gray, you could perform a smell test or a touch test to be on the safe side. 

2. Smell

You can next check your turkey bacon by smelling it. Turkey bacon that smells bad will probably be an easy indicator of its quality.

The smell of fresh turkey bacon is distinct, but it still smells like raw, fresh meat. Everyone knows how it smells. 

The foul smell of bad meat will put anyone off, even those who don’t know how fresh meat should smell. 

Bacon made out of turkey becomes very rancid or sour when it goes bad. The smell of rotten food or the smell of sour food or fish is often a sign of spoilage. 

It is a basic description of the rotten smell, but once you experience it, you won’t need any more details after that.

3. Texture

Last but not least, you can check your turkey bacon by touching it. In the short term, the touch and feel of turkey bacon will change a lot as it spoils, so you can tell if it’s bad. 

Fresh turkey bacon has a soft, moist texture. As it is fresh meat, it will have a touch of squishiness to it, but it won’t be slimy or gooey.

There’s just a small amount of moisture that seems like water, making it soft, squishy, and tender. 

Bacteria called lactic acid bacteria grow on spoilt turkey bacon. Bacteria in turkey bacon may cause it to become slimy, possibly very slimy.

Almost sticky, slimy or gooey layers will develop on spoiled turkey bacon. You will find that it has a very slimy texture and it will be very unappealing. 

You should not eat turkey bacon if it appears slimy or if it looks gooey. It must be discarded, as it is spoiled beyond repair. 

Tips for Maintaining Turkey Bacon

The shelf life of turkey bacon is not that long.

While there are many things you can do to extend the life of your turkey bacon, you should be prepared to consume it within a reasonable timeframe to prevent it from going bad. 

Tips for Maintaining Turkey Bacon

When purchasing turkey bacon, keep in mind the sell-by date on the packaging, and your turkey bacon will probably not last more than 7 days after that date. You must consume it as soon as possible. 

To ensure turkey bacon lasts as long as possible, we would like to share a few tips with you.

Check these tips out:

  • The turkey bacon package should remain sealed until you’re ready to use it. Being exposed to air could negatively affect the turkey bacon if it is opened. 
  • You should store leftover turkey bacon in an airtight bag if you don’t use the whole package. The product can be sealed in a storage bag, put in an airtight container, or wrapped in quality plastic. 
  • Turkey bacon should not be kept in the fridge for longer than 14 days. 
  • For several months, you can store turkey bacon in the freezer if you need to. It’s just a matter of making sure it’s not spoiled when you put it in the freezer and that you freeze it in something airtight so that it stays fresh. 

You can use turkey bacon for any purpose you might use bacon for. Try some of these options if you want to use it up before it spoils. 

Here are some great ways to use turkey bacon:

  • Pizza topping
  • Salad topping
  • Mixed into chicken alfredo or pasta
  • Bacon-wrapped chicken
  • BLTs
  • Added to macaroni and cheese
  • Topping burgers or sandwiches
  • Mixed into casseroles
  • Served with breakfast
  • Mixed with steamed vegetables
  • Bacon jalapeno poppers

It really is endless what you can do. Bacon comes in full strips and can be diced into small pieces and tossed into a dish. 

Related Question

This guide will help you determine when turkey bacon is bad and why. For more information, see these topics. 

How Long Is Turkey Bacon Good for?

After the printed sell-by date, turkey bacon can be eaten for up to 7-14 days. If you want to be safe, stick with seven days.

Will Turkey Bacon Go Bad in the Freezer?

In the freezer, the food shouldn’t go bad for at least six months if it isn’t spoiled when you freeze it. In the meantime, however, your quality might be degraded or you might experience freezer burn.

If Turkey Bacon Looks Slimy Is It Bad?

It is a clear indicator that the meat is spoiled if it is slimy. A bit of moisture does not mean that the meat is spoiled. You can still use it if it is just moist. It sticks to itself better when it is slime-like rather than just moist.

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