The Best Splatter Screen for Frying Pans 2023

We all love fried foods, and we can’t do away with a splattering of oil all over when busy preparing food. Cooking oil can be spattered on the countertop, your cooking stove, or even on other utensils. Such a thing can give you a difficult time cleaning surfaces and items in contact with cooking oil. However, with the best splatter screen for frying pans, you won’t experience such cases of splattering oil on other kitchen items and stovetops.

In the market, we have different splatter screens that can prevent splattering cases on other kitchen items. Choosing the best option to fit your need isn’t an easy task as such.

However, with our best splatter screen for frying pan review, you will have an idea of the perfect options to consider. Additionally, we shall provide readers with a hint of the factors worthy to consider when purchasing these items.

Our Pick1
BergKoch Splatter Screen for Frying Pan 9.5″
BergKoch Splatter Screen for Frying Pan 9.5″

U.S. Kitchen Supply 13", 11.5"
U.S. Kitchen Screen for Frying Pan

Gorilla Grip Splatter Screen for Frying Pan
Gorilla Grip Splatter Screen

Calphalon 13" Stainless Steel Splatter Guard
Calphalon 13″ Stainless Steel Splatter Guard

Norpro 2060 Splatter Screen, 13-Inch, Silver
Norpro 2060 Splatter Screen, 13-Inch, Silver


However, we have tried and tested the top Splatter Screens that can address these problems, so you can breathe easier. Each of the items listed below makes cooking easier and more enjoyable!

Best Splatter Screens for Pans

1. BergKoch Splatter Screen for Frying Pan 9.5″ 

1. BergKoch Splatter Screen for Frying Pan 9.5 Inch Stainless Steel Grease Splatter Guard
  • Easy-to-clean multi-use grease guard: The diameter of this premium…
  • Protects from hot oil and keeps you safe: Made of 304-grade stainless…
  • Resing feet keep the kitchen clean and grease off your counters: Ergonomic…
  • Plastic handle makes cooking safe: Securely joined handle is made of…

Say bye to all forms of splatter that might need much of your time doing cleaning-up exercises. The grease splatter screen for the frying pan forms the best, easy-to-clean grease guard employed for multiple uses. Measuring 9.5″, these splatter screens make the perfect options for pots, pans, and skillets measuring up to 9 inches.

What makes them excellent over other options is their added functions as strainers, cooling racks, and steamers. Storing them is also easiest since they can fit even into narrow spaces. Moreover, their rustproof feature prevents them from premature damage. Worry less about cleaning these splatter screens since they are dishwasher safe.

Most people prefer these splatter screens due to their capability of maintaining users safe. Unlike other market models, these screens boast BergKoch splatter guards that help to stop all forms of a splash. Consequently, they have an extra-fine mesh that paves the way to steam out to enable users to monitor the cooking process with ease.

Apart from additional mesh count in their construction, these models boast reinforced joints to provide an exceptional cooking experience. With these splatter screens, you won’t have such a big problem cleaning your countertop. They boast ergonomic feet to maintain the screen positioned on countertops without getting messy.

That’s not all, their heavy construction enables them to stay to provide a service for an extended period. Furthermore, these are the safest splatter screen you can use without worrying about getting burnt. They boast securely joined plastic heat-resistant handles to protect users from possible burns.


  • Backed with a lifetime warranty.
  • Suits different pans and pots
  • Easy to clean
  • Made from food-grade material


  • Leaves a brown later on the guard
  • Catches fire

2. U.S. Kitchen Screen for Frying Pan – Set of 2 Grease Splatter Screens 9.5-inch and 13-inch Diameters 

2. Splatter Screen for Frying Pan – Set of 2 Grease Splatter Screens 9.5 inch and 13 inch Diameters
  • ALL THE FRYING WITH NONE OF THE CRYING: Who doesn’t love the smell of…
  • MAKE YOUR KITCHEN MORE EFFICIENT: In the kitchen, every tool needs to…
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: After you’re done using your splatter shield,…
  • A MAINSTAY IN YOUR KITCHEN: For these grease splatter screens, we used…

Maintaining your kitchen neat and efficient is the key to getting the best experience while cooking. These splatter screens make the perfect option for preventing any possible spatter that can ruin and sting clothes. Apart from their prevention against spatter, they make the perfect steamers, strainers as well as cooling racks.

Cleaning splatter screens is also a big concern when purchasing these items in the market. Like other models, cleaning these splatter screens is the easiest of all. You don’t have to wash them by hand, just have them in a dishwasher and wait for them to come out clean.

Moreover, people looking for a long-lasting splatter screen should not go past these options. Constructed of grade 304 stainless steel, buyers have the assurance of getting long-term service from their splatter screens. Additionally, the superfine mesh used in their construction guarantees an exceptional experience in the kitchen.

Furthermore, the manufacturer considers the fitness aspect when constructing these splatter screens. Customer packages include two differently sized grease screens for users to select the best fit. Choose your perfect fit that prevents spatter from staining the surroundings or cooktop.


  • Quality models
  • Contains all the splatter
  • Effective and sturdy
  • Easy to clean


  • Discoloration after use
  • Difficult to clean discolored parts after use

3. Gorilla Grip Splatter Screen, Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Screens for Frying Pan

3. Gorilla Grip Splatter Screen Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Screens for Frying Pan
  • Most Effective Splatter Screen: help trap more splatters with this…
  • Stainless Steel Construction: constructed for long-lasting use, 100…
  • Slip Resistant Soft Touch Handle: stay comfortable while cooking; soft…
  • Resting Feet Help Keep Counters Clean: resting feet keep the screen…

Preventing spatter isn’t the only thing you should mind or think about when going for splatter screens. You should also mind purchasing a versatile tool. Gorilla Grip Splatter Screens beats the rest since they make the perfect fit for pans, and even skillets and pots. That’s not all, you can use these splatter screens also as cooking racks as well as strainers.

Users’ cooking experience with these splatter screens is more exceptional than other market options. Unlike other splatter screens, these models consist of extra fine mesh to capture all forms of splatter. Moreover, additional mesh allows steam to escape and stop possible splashes on cooktops. However, users should stay extra careful when cooking with hot grease.

Apart from their excellent duty to prevent splatter on cooktops, people prefer them due to the long service they provide. Manufacturers construct them using pure rust-free stainless steel that doesn’t bend at all. Additionally, they boast V-shaped designs to prevent them from wrapping when subjected to high temperatures.

Unlike other market models, these splatter screens beat the rest due to their comfortable and soft grip. Manufacturers construct handles using durable TP rubber material that provides a comfortable and exceptional cooking experience. Consequently, they have resting feet that maintain them off from counters to prevent possible stains. After cooking, clean them in the dishwasher before storage.


  • Excellent performers
  • Quality and durable models
  • Very sturdy and effective
  • Affordable


  • Rusts fast
  • Scorched around the perimeter

4. Calphalon 13″ Stainless Steel Splatter Guard

4. Calphalon 13″ Stainless Steel Splatter Guard
  • Designed to securely fit 8″, 10″ and 12″ pans
  • Splatter screen helps keep the stovetop clean
  • Splatter shield with stay-cool handle
  • Easy to clean

Quality is everything you should consider when looking for splatter screens to use at home. Calphalon 13″ Stainless Steel Splatter screens get designed with quality materials to enable them to provide lengthy services. Customers shouldn’t worry about these splatter screens. Manufacturers back them with a 10-year warranty as a quality symbol.

Like other market models, people love these splatter screens due to their great versatility. Customer packages contain three splatter screens that fit the 8, 10, and 12 inches pans. With these screens, you have the assurance of maintaining your stovetop and countertop clean at all times.

Handling is also another important aspect that the manufacturer considers when constructing these splatter screens. They get designed with stay-cool handles for users to enjoy an exceptional experience while cooking. Furthermore, cleaning these splatter screens is simple, and they can go safely into a dishwasher.


  • Effective in containing splatter
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile models


  • Poor quality
  • Forms discolored layer after use

5. Norpro 2060 Splatter Screen, 13-Inch, Silver

5. Norpro 2060 Splatter Screen 13 Inch Silver
  • Measures: 13″x13″/ 33cm x 33cm. Suitable for pans up to 12″/ 30. 5cm
  • Stainless steel fine mesh splatter screen prevents hot grease, oil, and…
  • Protect yourself and your kitchen from hot splatters, while still…
  • Ideal for use when searing meat, frying bacon, or frying chicken,…

Lastly, we have the Norpro 2060 Splatter Screen taking this option for the excellent value-added features they boast. Like other market options, these splatter screens form part of the most versatile tools around. Apart from protecting users from hot splatters, they also pave the way for steam to enable users to monitor cooking with ease.

Like other splatter screens, these models get designed to perform other functions other than preventing spatter. Users can employ them as strainers, sieves, or even steamers. Additionally, their large-sized designs make them the perfect fit for up to 12-inch pans.

That’s not all, their constructions include additional mesh that prevents hot grease out of cooking pans. Consequently, people love these splatter screens due to their excellent and soft grip. They boast stay-cool handles to avoid unnecessary burns while cooking.

Furthermore, their stainless steel construction guarantees users long-term service. Washing them is also easy, and users recommend handwashing to prolong their lifespan. Norpro 2060 Splatter Screens are best when frying chicken, searing meat, and anything that creates splatter when cooked.


  • Durable models
  • Comfortable handles
  • Contains splatter
  • Excellent fit for standard pans


  • Weights big
  • Not excellent on a gas range

Buying the Best Splatter Screen

With the saturation of splatter screens in the market, buyers find it hard to select the best-fit product to purchase. However, prior research of the product is essential to settle on the perfect splatter screen to use. Before purchasing the products, it’s important to analyze all important aspects and features to make an amicable purchase. Below are a few aspects worth considering when on the verge of purchasing these items.


Most people underestimate this aspect not knowing it determines the amount of splatter they will prevent from flowing out. At home, we have both large and smaller pots we employ for specific functions. Don’t purchase a larger splatter to cover both your larger and smaller pans. Only the best frying pan splatter screen pans can give you the best during your cooking sessions.

In this regard, larger screens do well when employed on larger frying pans. Consequently, smaller options are perfect when using saucepans or smaller frying pans. Ensure you purchase splatter screens that fit your pots and pans to enjoy the overall experience.


Looking for a frying pan splatter screen isn’t as easy a thing as most people might think about. Apart from looking at the size of the tool to choose, look at the handle of your splatter screen. Look at the material the manufacturer employed in constructing the handle and whether they are insulated. Avoid metal handles since they can lead to unwanted burns.

Consequently, you might need to transfer or use your splatter screen in an oven. In such cases, you will need splatter screens having handles designed using high-grade silicone. Additionally, ease of storage is important when inspecting your screen’s handles. For this, you need to go for a screen that has foldable handles to get it easy for you.


The material employed to construct the splatter screen you intend to choose also matters in the selection process. In the market, you will find splatter screens constructed either using silicone or stainless steel. In cooking, both these materials perform excellently. Likewise, they all guard your counter and stovetops excellently from all forms of splatter.

Moreover, both the splatter screens are not only durable but also heat-resistant and lightweight. However, they can differ in their design since others get designed upright and others even curved. Buyers need to consider splatter handles that fit perfectly over the stovetops. Such designs can provide exceptional protection against all forms of splatter while cooking.


You might purchase a splatter screen and afterward find out it doesn’t work excellently. In such situations, you will need to get it back to the manufacturer and request a refund or alternative. That’s why buyers should read the refund policy of the manufacturer before paying for any product. A manufacturer warranty determines the quality of the product and the time to expect service from it.

Manufacturer arrives at backing their product with a warranty period after doing several tests on them. Durable options will have longer periods, while the poor quality models even lack warranties. In that regard, buyers should mind looking at the warranty offered to determine whether they are purchasing quality items. Otherwise, ignoring this aspect can lead you into selecting a product that will serve you a few days.

Heat Resistance

You need screens that provide full protection against burns since your place of operation is around hot temperatures. Now, before selecting your grease splatter screen for a frying pan, you must understand whether it will withstand hot temperatures. Even if manufacturers mind this aspect when constructing them, you should not just ignore it. After all, you need to have an enjoyable cooking experience to have the best meals for your family.

When looking at this aspect, you should understand that different models have the maximum temperature they can withstand. Most of the common market brands withstand temperatures of up to 232 degrees C. However, in this aspect, you must go back and look at the handles your splatter screen has. Options designed with plastic and safe-to-grip handles make the perfect options to consider.


It’s always important to select splatter screens that perform a different purpose other than preventing splatter. You also don’t require purchasing separate splatter screens for the pans and pots you have. Consider models that fit different types of frying pans and pots you have at home. Considering the versatility aspect leads you into settling on options that give you results.


Another important aspect buyers should consider when purchasing a splatter screen is the time they will provide a service. Both stainless steel and silicon screens guarantee users exceptional service for a long period. However, like any other product, you need to maintain them well to get you this. A longer service means less cleanup exercise throughout after-meal preparations.

After usage, ensure you clean the splatter screen and allow it dry before storage for future use. The cleanup exercise is best performed immediately after use before any gunk hardens on the screen. Moreover, ensure you employ other maintenance practices to ensure your screen remains in the best condition ever. This way, you can enjoy an exceptional cooking experience and easy times cleaning your cooktops.


Don’t ever forget about the features splatter screens boast since they determine the service to expect. All screens get designed with almost similar features, and they perform the same purpose. However, there are few options around with additional features that make them top of others. Added features in splatter screens not only determine the service they provide but also the overall user experience.

For instance, other splatter screens boast feet that keep them off countertops when taken off the cooking pot. Others boast additional mesh to add up to the overall experience users can attain when cooking. Consequently, other manufacturers design their screens in a way that users can access food while cooking. Ensure you look at all these features and settle on a screen that will provide you with excellent results.


The safety aspect goes hand in hand with the handle of the splatter screens you intend to purchase. However, this is not all, since the entire design of your screen matters about your safety. Apart from ensuring you opt for options with insulated handles, it’s important also to consider longer hands. Longer handles prevent you from reckless burns while cooking.

You will also find other models in the market designed with sharp edges. Avoid such options since they can scratch your hands and screen over when busy cooking. Moreover, you need to ensure you choose a splatter screen constructed of food-grade materials. This prevents toxic or chemical compounds from contaminating your food.

Maintenance and Installation

You should not rush into purchasing a tool that you lack installation ideas or difficult to do it. All you need to have in mind is that you expect to get the best experience from what you purchase. Getting exceptional results requires you to select a splatter screen that is easy to install on your frying pan. Moreover, you should go for splatter screens that are not only easy to clean but also maintaining.

When looking for a splatter screen, get a model that boasts easy and quick fitting and fastening mechanisms. Moreover, you should also look for options that are easy to detach from your cooking pot. Also, ensure that you find a model that is easy to place in the washing area. Considering these aspects will lead you to spend on a splatter screen of value.


You should not forget the cost factor since this determines everything you bring home for use. However, the cost aspect always comes last in deciding what to take home. Some people rush for cheaper options without considering the quality of the product they choose. Also, a high price doesn’t necessarily mean that the splatter screen is of quality and will provide exceptional results.

Before chipping into the budget aspect, you should have done with the above aspects and those we might have omitted. Ensure you have a splatter screen that fits your pots as well as excellent handles for handling purposes. After a look at all the above aspects, have a list of even three options worthy to purchase. Lastly, compare them with their costs and choose a cost-effective option for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How best do you clean splatter screens?

Most splatter screens go into dishwashers safely and thereby easing the cleanup tasks for users. However, larger options might not go into dishwashers, and you need to wash them by hand. Handwashing splatter screens require the usage of soapy and hot water for an excellent task. Also, you need to find a good scrub that removes all food residue and grease stuck on the screen.

2. Can you use splatter screens with air fryers?

Usually, air fryer manufacturers design these devices enclosed to prevent splatter from flowing out. However, whenever there is a likelihood of messes, get silicon mesh mats to save the situation. When using mats, ensure they are off from the source of heat.

3. Can you use splatter screens in ovens?

Yes, some splatter screens are oven safe. Even if both the silicon and stainless steel made options are oven safe, their handles matter. Only those with metallic handles can go into an oven, while the plastic or wood-made options don’t make it.

4. Do splatter screens work?

Yes, these devices collect all forms of oil droplets escaping out of your frying pan when cooking any food. However, you must find the perfect fit splatter screen to get excellent results. Employ them to avoid regular cleanup sessions of your stovetop.

5. What size splatter screen is perfect for use?

These gadgets get designed in different sizes to fit various pans and pots in the market. Larger splatter screens measures around 15 inches, while larger pans go up to 12 inches. Choose the perfect fit size for your pans to enjoy the experience.


If you need an excellent cooking experience, then you need to get perfect-fit splatter screens for your pans. Splatter screens prevent messing the kitchen surrounding with splashing oil o liquids.

Moreover, these tools minimize wastage by containing the contents in the pan or pot. However, since we have several brands out there, choosing the best of all is always a big concern.

The best splatter screen for frying pan review provides information on the top splatter screens worthy to consider when on the verge to purchase. Moreover, we have a buyer’s guide that narrows down the selection process. Employing our ideas will help you choose a perfect screen that will provide a rewarding experience.

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