9 Best Arepa Maker For 2023

An arepa maker with cheese makes the perfect morning breakfast for every household. And we are big fans of hand-made golden brown arepas. Traditional arepas are delicious, no doubt. But it comes with a lot of work, and it takes a good few hours to make them one by one by hand.

Most of us are skeptical about using instant makers because, according to our experience, machine-made arepas do not live up to authentic taste. Either it’s too doughy or sticks to the pan or is too chewy.

5 Best Arepa Maker: Recommended

Our Pick1
Holstein Housewares Non-Stick 6-Section Multi-Food Maker
Holstein Housewares 6-Section Maker

IMUSA USA 4 Slot Electric Arepa
IMUSA USA 4 Slot Electric Arepa

IMUSA USA, Matte Black GAU
IMUSA USA, Matte Black GAU

Brentwood 6 Piece Non-Stick Arepa Maker
Brentwood 6 Piece Non-Stick Arepa Maker

Mini Waffle maker, electric griddle
Mini Waffle maker, electric griddle


But, the best arepa maker changed our mind when we tried it for the first time. And we believe you will fall in love with this fast, efficient, and instant machine too.

Hence, we are here with the top-listed product review along with a buying guide to help you get the best arepa you have ever tasted!

9 Best Arepa Maker Reviews:

We all have had some disappointing experiences with arepa makers. The arepa keeps sticking to the pan, or it’s not cooked well enough, or sometimes it’s overcooked. Hence, we switch back to the good old way. But say goodbye to all those inconveniences with the right product.

1. Holstein Housewares Non-Stick Arepa Maker

1. Holstein Housewares Non Stick Arepa Maker
  • Be ready for brunch! The Holstein Arepa maker allows you to easily…
  • Cooking and cleaning are easy with non-stick coated cooking surfaces
  • Securely cook with a built-in safety lock to keep the maker closed…
  • Start cooking at the optimal temperature with the power-on and ready…

Treat yourself and your family to the mouthwatering tasty arepa with the high-quality arepa maker by Holstein Housewares. Be ready for parties within minutes with your instant, ready-made device.

Cook up to six arepas at a time, saving both time and energy with the non-stick maker. And if you are bored of eating arepas, spice things up and prepare cookies, pancakes, corn cakes, and many more delicious desserts with just one versatile maker.

The non-stick coated surface does cooking and cleaning effortlessly—no more muscle pain from scrubbing your sticky pans all day. Besides, the company introduced a safety lock for added safety, which keeps the machine closed while cooking and storing.

Moreover, it comes with a ready indicator light that allows you to preheat the maker and start cooking at optimal temperature when it is ready. That’s not all; you can easily store these space-saving machines on your cabinet or countertop. You can also vertically store the product if you have minimal space.

Get this versatile product with skid-resistant feet and create endless recipes in the comfort of your home.


• Good quality non-stick coating
• Skid-resistant feet
• Space-saving vertical storage
• Safety lock
• Make six arepas at a time

2. Sentir Housewares 2-Section Arepa Maker

2. Sentir Housewares 2 Section Arepa Maker
  • Our non-stick electric arepa maker allows you to make two perfectly…
  • There is no need for any oil or an oven! You can make lots of arepas…
  • Avoid spending time cleaning and cook without frustrations with our…
  • You can preheat the arepa maker and know when it’s ready to cook…

Update your kitchen experience with the 2-section arepa maker by Sentir Housewares. If you are in the mood for a small treat, grab this machine and get perfectly round delicious arepas in just a few minutes. We loved every tiny detail of this product, and we are sure you will too.

Reduce your daily hassle with a high-quality kitchen gadget that requires no oil and no oven. All you have to do is prepare the dough and throw it in, and get ready to enjoy your meal in no time.

The stainless-steel machine comes with non-stick layers, which makes your life even more comfortable. Say goodbye to harsh cleaning soaps that make your skin rough; all you need is water to clean this user-friendly kitchen tool.

Moreover, it leaves no room for accidents with its handy indicator lights. You can easily know when the device is turned on and preheated by looking at the lights. That’s not all from this fantastic kitchenware; its excellent design makes it perfect for easy storage in your kitchen.

Furthermore, you can get creative with your brand-new tool and incorporate many recipes like omelets, eggs, cookies, and whatnot. If you are confused about buying an arepa maker, we strongly suggest you try this product out.


• Cooks evenly
• Fast heat up
• No oil required
• Convenient clean-up

3. IMUSA USA 4 Slot Electric Arepa Maker

3. IMUSA USA 4 Slot Electric Arepa Maker
  • Makes up to 4 Perfectly Round Arepas at a Time
  • Convenient Nonstick Surface
  • On & Heat-Ready Indicator Lights
  • Stands upright for Easy Convenient Storage

Make restaurant-quality arepas at home with the IMUSA arepa maker. With this versatile machine, all you have to worry about is getting the dough right. The four-slots electronic maker will take care of the rest of the process.

Making perfectly round arepas becomes ten times easier with the electronic device. Just prepare your dough and pop it in the machine, and you’ll have perfect golden brown doughy goodness in just a minute.

Forget about the time-consuming procedure of making arepas; with this four-slot device, you will get four delicious arepas ready to eat in a few minutes. It also comes with on/off and heat-ready indicator lights, making it convenient for you to know when your food is ready to pop out.

Getting the food out of the machine is also extremely easy. The non-stick cooking surface prevents the dough from sticking to the bottom and cooks evenly. Moreover, this small, easy store maker can fit into your cupboard or shelf without any trouble.

You can even keep it in an upright position. Hence, limited storage space is not a problem when you have this device handy.


• Makes four arepas at a time
• Non-stick cooking surface
• You can store it in an upright position
• Powerful; 1200 watts
• You can use it for many recipes

4. IMUSA USA, Matte Black GAU-80346

4. IMUSA USA Matte Black GAU 80346
  • Power and heat indicator lights
  • Locking lid for easy storage
  • Unique Matte Black exterior
  • Prepares 6 Arepas at once

If you are tired of boring arepa machines that barely do their job, this is the right product for you. The IMUSA matte black arepa maker comes with many impressive features that will win your heart.

Firstly, the striking matte black exterior makes it look unique, and it will look great on your kitchen counter. A pleasant outlook is not all it has to offer; it comes with a power and heat indicator for your convenience while cooking.

Moreover, you can cook six arepas at once with this flexible product. It also features an adjustable temperature control knob that allows you to set your desired temperature, So, whether you are in the mood for golden brown, extra crispy, or soft arepas. The handy control knob will allow you to get your desired texture,

Besides, the locking lid ensures added safety while cooking and storing the device on your counter. That’s not all; this powerful 1200 W device comes with a bakelite cool touch house for added convenience.

However, if you live outside the USA, you will have to purchase a separate voltage converter to use this machine because you can only use this device under the USA voltage standard.


• Heat indicator
• Locking system
• Adjustable temperature control
• Easy cleaning
• Bakelite cool-touch housing

5. Brentwood AR-136 6 Piece Arepa Maker

5. Brentwood AR 136 6 Piece Arepa Maker
  • Makes 6 perfectly round and toasty arepas
  • Easy to Use – features power and pre-heat light indicators
  • Non-Stick Plates make removal and clean up a snap
  • Adjustable Heat for soft or crispy areas

Have you been experimenting with your recipe and still can’t get the original taste of arepas? Well, the problem is not with your formula. It’s probably on the device you are using to make them.

So, get the authentic taste of arepas with the Brentwood maker. The high-quality machine makes sure you get the taste of Colombia and Venezuela right at your home.

With the six-piece non-stick maker, prepare and serve perfectly round hot toasty arepas within a few minutes. The non-stick plates allow the dough to slide right off the pan without any hassle.

Moreover, never overcook or undercook your food with the power and heat indicator signals. That’s not all; you can also customize the temperature according to your requirements.

Hence, doughy, toasty crispy, or soft no matter your preference, this machine got all grounds covered.

Besides, it also comes with safety locks and vertical feet, allowing you to store the product easily and in compact spaces. Furthermore, it is safe for many different desserts or savory items like cornbread, biscuits, mini pancakes, and pizza crusts.


• Comes with a safety lock lid
• Vertical feet
• Upright storage
• Heat adjustable option

6. DASH arepa maker, White

6. DASH arepa maker White
  • Power: 1400 Watts
  • 6-portion design
  • Durable metal body
  • Nonstick coating

Our next product is this small yet mighty maker by DASH. Starting from the design to the features, every little thing about this machine is impressive. So, throw your old device out and update to this sturdy arepa maker to get ready-made arepas at your home anytime.

This machine comes in sleek white color that will catch your eyes immediately. The machine’s round shape makes it look more elegant and looks fantastic on any kitchen countertop.

Moreover, the powerful maker can function at 1400 watts, giving you the best experience while cooking. The six-portion design allows you to cook six perfect golden brown arepas at a time.

On top of that, the highly durable metal body makes the machine sturdy, and it won’t damage even if it falls off your countertop. Besides that, it comes with many other unique features like the power indicator light, which helps you know when your food is ready.

The user-friendly machine consists of non-stick layers that make cooking and cleaning easy as pie. Furthermore, the cool plastic exterior helps to keep the device cool while cooking.


• Six-portion design
• Cool plastic exterior
• Highly powerful
• Strong metal body
• Non-stick bottom

7. IMUSA USA Arepa Grill 9.5-Inch

7. IMUSA USA Arepa Grill 9.5 Inch
  • Made of Aluminum
  • Easy to Use and Clean
  • Works on Electric and Gas Stove tops
  • Sits Perfectly Over the Stove

This unique grill will be an outstanding addition to your kitchen gadgets. The IMUSA grill will make your whole cooking and baking experience as smooth as silk.

The aluminum silver grill is highly flexible and durable, which will give you added comfort in the kitchen. You can use it on different cooking surfaces like electric or gas and many more. The firm even bottom allows it to sit perfectly on any stovetop without wiggling.

A great thing about this product is it not only comes in handy for cooking food, but you can also use them as a cooling rack on your kitchen counter. Just make your arepas and stack them on the grill to cool off.

Moreover, you can also use it to make other items like tortillas, pancakes, corn cakes, or reheating food. Another great thing about the product is it is incredibly lightweight and does not require too much space. You can store it anywhere you want without any trouble.

That’s not all; it is also pretty easy to use and clean. Just put it over your stovetop for cooking and rinse it off with warm water, and you are good to go.


• Multi-purpose
• Lightweight
• High-quality aluminum
• Space-saving

8. Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron

8. Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron
  • Do it yourself. Make your own tortillas, patacones, Rotis, empanadas,…
  • Reinforced Design. We improved the base & the handle for better…
  • Heavy-duty construction. Made of cast-iron seasoned at high…
  • Comes with an extra screw for the lever. Includes detailed…

The Victoria cast iron is fun to use, and you will fall in love with the product with just one use. Never worry about getting imperfect arepas again; get perfect circles every time with 8 inches of cast iron.

This cool device enables you to make roti, tortilla, pasta cones, and arepas exactly like high-quality restaurants at your home. Besides, you can also use this product to make non-gluten food items easily.

The even base and handle provide greater resistance, and the high-quality plates prevent pinching. This function will give you even arepas every time. Moreover, manufacturers use heavy-duty cast iron to make this product. They season the iron with 100% anti-GMO flaxseed oil at a high temperature for a perfect finish.

Furthermore, the 11.25-inch machine comes with an extra screw for the lever to provide added protection and longevity. The company also includes a detailed, user-friendly manual that will help you get started with the product.
Say goodbye to store-bought tortillas and arepas and get one of these for yourself. The smart design allows you to get perfectly flat and round golden-brown arepas with every press.


• Heavy-duty construction
• Easy to grab handle
• Comes with extra screws
• Seasoned with vegetable flaxseed oil
• 100% non-GME

9. CucinaPro Cordless Crepe Maker

9. CucinaPro Cordless Crepe Maker
  • The on/off switch has a ready light to indicate when the surface is hot…
  • A dipping plate and a batter spatula are included to help you create the…
  • The electric base has a cord wrap for neat and easy storage
  • Instruction/recipe booklet included which takes the guesswork out of…

Enrich your cooking experience with the high-quality cooking gadget by CucinaPro. This creative little machine can do magic in your kitchen, giving you the tastiest food with the most incredible texture.

This device does not require any cord to work, giving you the best comfort and convenience while using it. It also comes with an on/off switch and an indicator light. The signals enable you to know when the pan is ready for cooking.

The best part about this product is it comes with a lot of cool stuff to enhance your experience. Its packaging includes a dipping plate and a spatula or batter spreader.
Moreover, the spreader will allow you to evenly spread your batter or dough on the surface and cook it perfectly. On top of that, the company also includes a recipe book in the package.

Hence, the handy booklet will allow you to try new dishes and experiment with different recipes. Moreover, it also makes sure you are using the right amount of ingredients that works best with the maker.
The non-stick dipping plates make sure you can spread your batter and take it out without facing any sticking issues. Moreover, it also makes the cleaning process a lot easier.


• Cordless
• Comes with a free recipe book
• Non-stick dipping plate
• Temperature indicator

Things to Consider Before Buying Arepa Maker

If you had a disappointing experience with arepa makers before, you bought a product that lacks some essential features. Hence, for the greatest cooking experience, there are few things that you should consider before buying.

Non-Stick Bottom

A maker that does not have non-stick layers is a big no-no. Always invest in a product that features a quality non-stick coating. This layer makes sure you can get your food out smoothly without sticking. It also makes the cleaning process less hefty. Hence, always look for cooking gadgets with non-stick coating.

Indicator Lights

Almost all of these products from every company include an indicator light. This impressive feature allows you to get perfectly cooked food every time. The signal lights will tell you when the cooking surface is hot enough to use and notify you when your food is ready to be taken out.

Hence, this feature will keep you tension-free while cooking. You would not have to check every minute to see if your food is ready.


Everyone wants a product with convenient storage, and luckily, these makers come with vertical feet that allow you to store the product in an upright position, even in limited places. Hence, before buying, make sure you can keep them easily in your kitchen cupboard or counter.

Cooking Sections

Depending on your family’s needs, you can consider how many sections you want on your maker. You can find these kitchen tools with two to six units in the market.

It allows you to cook many arepas at a time, saving both time and energy. Hence, if you have a big family, you can go for products with four or six sections or buy 2 section makers for a small family.

Final Word

If you want convenience, efficiency, and tastiness in one product, then dump all your worries away and get the best arepa maker for yourself. We are sure the top-listed products won’t disappoint you. Hence, waste no more time and grab your wallet for a tasty snack!

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