10 Best Cupcake Stand For 2023: Editor Recommended

Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, we are sure you don’t turn down cupcakes. We mean, who does? Cupcakes are always a staple dish at parties, especially birthdays, regardless of the age you are celebrating for. But we have come across many hitches while displaying them, and we are sure you have too!

Sometimes the stand might be too flimsy and delicate, or the plates were simply tiny. Thus, we have taken up the challenge to find a stand that can melt all these troubles away.

Consequently, we found some of the best cupcake stands that can hold your sweet treats without causing you any pain. And as the cherry on top, we have put together a guide for you to follow and get the most out of this article.

5 Best Cupcake Stands: Editor Recommended

Our Pick1
Acrylic Cupcake Stand, Clear Dessert
Acrylic Clear Dessert Tower Holder

3 Tier Clear Acrylic Half Moon Dessert Cupcake
3 Tier Clear Acrylic Half Moon Dessert Cupcake

YestBuy 4 Tier Cupcake Stand Acrylic Cupcake
YestBuy 4 Tier Cupcake Stand Acrylic Cupcake

2-Set Class of 2022 Green White Gold 3-Tiered
2-Set Class of 2023 Green White Gold

3-Tier Cardboard Gold Cupcake
3-Tier Cardboard Gold Cupcake Stand


10 Best Cupcake Stand Reviews:

These are all the stands that we found to have overturned the thousands available online and in the market. Save yourself the sweat and give one of them a swirl to determine if it matches all your criteria.

1. Set of 2 Pcs 3-Tier Cake Stand by Agyvvt

1. Set of 2 Pcs 3 Tier Cake Stand by Agyvvt
  • EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP: Multi-layered fruit plate, exquisite…
  • FOOD GRADE MATERIAL: Safety food-grade plastic environmental…
  • ELEGANT ART DESIGN: Not only fruits & cakes & desserts plate, but…

Are you on the lookout for a home to place your delicious cupcakes and baked goodies in? Stress no further! Because the cupcakes stand from Agyvvt is here to both solve your dilemma and serve you purposeful use.

You can use the three-tiered cupcake stand to place not only your baked goodies but also your preferred fruits and veggies. It is a multi-layered stand with a broader base to store more desserts than usual kinds.

Plus, the rod in between the tier plates is thickened than the previous models. We’d advise you to place heavier desserts at the base tier and lighter ones on the top for better and long-lasting use.

Moreover, the component is made out of food-grade material that is eco-friendly and safe for your health. It is constructed in such a way that it is lightweight and portable.

The elegantly designed dishware is perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, events at home or out. You won’t have to stress about it being designed inappropriately any time!


• Lightweight in size
• Portable and compact
• Constructed with food-grade material
• Larger base area
• Thick stands to hold the tiers

2. NWK 3-Tier Cupcake Stand

2. NWK 3 Tier Cupcake Stand
  • Extra large plates and extra high struts, can hold 12~18 standard size…
  • Elegant and classic style. Impress your guests with this stunning…
  • Lightweight, reusable, and wide application – Weights only 0.5lb,…
  • Easy to install(collapse)/clean, User manual included. It takes less…

A classic model of the cupcake stands to suit all the ones who have fancy taste buds is this one from NWK. It is an eye-pleasing set of hollow-out white plates. The three-tiered rack matches perfectly with the gold struts. It will undoubtedly leave your guests in awe!

Unlike many other stands, this one can fit more than 12 standard-size cupcakes. It can approximately accommodate 18 cupcakes. Plus, the rack itself is lightweight and compact. So, you can carry it around everywhere with minimum tension.

Whether you carry it out for an outdoor event or use it for an indoor party, display all your sweet treats with grace and elegance. Moreover, they come with an instruction manual to offer you ease at assembling it.

The best part about it, you ask? It only takes three minutes to put together. Also, they are easy to clean with warm soapy water and soft cloth due to their smooth material composition.


• Easy to clean
• Composed with a smooth material
• Accompanied by an instruction manual
• Weightless
• Very portable

3. YestBuy 4 Tier Acrylic Cupcake Stand

3. YestBuy 4 Tier Acrylic Cupcake Stand
  • WHAT YOU NEED Are you on the search for a special and exquisite…
  • PREMIUM DESIGN Our cupcake stand has there acrylic plates with…
  • IMPRESSIVE DETAILS By using Acrylic Rod with Screws instead of…
  • APPLICATION OCCASION 100% transparent acrylic to make this…

If you are a fan of modern-looking dishware, you will be glad to have found this acrylic cupcake stand from Yest Baking Ltd. The square-based dessert stand has four tiers to place your delicious desserts with utmost ease.

The European-styled dessert rack features four mm thick layers of acrylic plates. That is durable and resilient in strength. Moreover, the stands come with screwable acrylic rods instead of tubes.

And this upgrade ensures better stability of the rack and prevents it from being wobbly and flimsy. You can use this nifty piece of dessert plate to place your favorite sweets without any hassle!

Also, the plates are entirely removable and can be easily assembled back together. They are made from pure, high-quality acrylic panels that are capable of holding 28 cupcakes and 12lb. worth of food.

Whether it be weddings, birthdays, festivals, or parties, you can decorate any of your events of choice with this classy dessert rack.


• Made from high-quality acrylic
• Four-tiered dessert rack
• Consists of screwable stands
• Durable and sturdy component
• Perfect to display loads of dessert

4. YLDW 3-Tier black Cardboard Cupcake Stand holder

4. YLDW 3 Tier black Cardboard Cupcake Stand holder
  • This pack of 1 sturdy cardboard cupcake towers are constructed with a…
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble, with simple and clear instructions…
  • Top tier is 6.3 inch Diameter. Middle tier is 8.3 inch Diameter….
  • It can be used at all parties such as birthday parties, tea parties, baby…

What’s colorful, bright, and useful? The cupcake stand holder tower from YLDW! It is a self-built dessert tower that you can use to decorate and display all your sweet treats effortlessly.

Moreover, it comes with clear and straightforward instructions on the packaging. You won’t have to stress about assembling it ever! Plus, disassembling is also a piece of cake.

Component-wise, it is made out of cardboard, making it super lightweight and portable to carry around. Even though they are made out of cardboard, it is still quite sturdy and durable when used.

Besides, they also feature anti-slip pegs among the three tiers to make it stronger and more slip-proof. So, you don’t have to worry about them falling apart.

They are perfect for birthday parties and festivals, as they come in multiple bright and fun colors that will undoubtedly impress your guests. You can serve your baked goodies on the three circular tiered towers effortlessly.


• Easy to assemble
• Lightweight
• Equipped with clear instruction
• Ideal for one-time use
• Comes in bright colors

5. Acrylic Cupcake Tower Display by YestBuy Store

5. Acrylic Cupcake Tower Display by YestBuy Store
  • WHAT YOU NEED: Are you on the search for a special and exquisite way…
  • PREMIUM DESIGN: Our cupcake stand has four acrylic plates with 4.7”…
  • IMPRESSIVE DETAILS: The acrylic rods of the cupcake tower display have…
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Alongside the acrylic dessert display, we are also…

This one is for all light lovers. If you’re anything like us and put sparkly lights around absolutely everything, we bet you will love this dessert stand from Yest Baking Ltd.

It is an exquisite and superior form of dishware with the tiers’ edges adorned with a light garland. Whether you want to serve it at a wedding party or an indoor event, you can present it with ease and convenience.

The set consists of four high-quality acrylic plates that you can easily assemble and disassemble whenever you want.

Each of the layers is made from high-quality acrylic that is four mm thick. The plates are durable and resilient in strength. Thus, you won’t have to worry about them slipping apart at any time.

Moreover, the acrylic rods in between the display stand have cupper nuts in their middle to keep the tower from wobbling apart. Additionally, this item can hold up to 52 cupcakes or 12lb. worth of food. You won’t ever have to be in the dilemma of running short of space with this one!


• Larger than most stands
• Can hold up to 12lb. worth of food
• Embellished with battery-powered lights
• Offers rubber dots underneath to prevent from slipping
• Stable and sturdy

6. Wilton 3-Tier Customizable Scalloped Dessert and Cake Stand

6. Wilton 3 Tier Customizable Scalloped Dessert and Cake Stand
  • Display savory or sweet on this elegant black cake stand to match any…
  • The assembled set works as one large 3-tiered tray or separated as 3…
  • 9-inch diameter small tier, 11.9-inch diameter medium tier, and 13…
  • Use as a cupcake stand, snack serving tray, or gift bag holder for…

If you are a fan of timeless and classic pieces of dishware, here’s another excellent option to consider for you. This one topic can be used separately and stacked together like a tower.

Without a doubt, this is pretty neat to use when you need multiple trays rather than a tower to display sweets. You can customize it entirely according to your preferences and situation.

Moreover, the set includes instructions to assemble the pieces together.
Component-wise, it is made out of wrought iron and clear plastic. As elegant as it looks, it is as durable too.

You can easily stack the tier plates on top of each other to serve finger-sized dessert bites. Or serve them on their own as a single tray at different distances from your table to serve cupcakes or medium-sized dessert items.


• You can use it in multiple ways
• Cleanups are simple
• Made with resilient metal
• Stackable
• Good quality

7. Chef Buddy 3-Tier Cupcake Dessert Stand

7. Chef Buddy 3 Tier Cupcake Dessert Stand
  • 7 Pieces, Self Storing Base, Easy for Travel
  • Perfect for Cupcakes, Brownies, Cookies, and more!
  • Includes: Storage Base, 1 – 10 inch Square Tier, 1 – 8 inch Square…
  • Normal Display Stands 12.5 Inch Tall

Are you tired of displaying your delicious desserts only in one way? Fear no more because this tiered goodness from Chef Buddy is here to put that worry away! Now, you can include variety when displaying your favorite sweets and even fruits or veggies.

This three-tiered collapsible cupcake stand has over ten different ways you can showcase your sweets in. In a true sense, with this, the possibility of displaying seems to be endless!

Moreover, you can easily embellish it with decorations and flowers to turn it into a much more attractive centerpiece that will leave your guests in awe.

The stand itself is made out of sturdy PVC plastic that has a height of about 12.5 inches. You can effortlessly break it down to the basic seven pieces it comes in so that you can put it into storage whenever you need to.

This feature makes it easy to carry around and travel with it, if necessary. Plus, it is accompanied by instructions that explain every step with pictures for easier understanding.


• Storage friendly
• Can be disassembled simply
• Affordable
• Goes with every color palette
• Holds more desserts than the average capacity

8. 4-Tier Round Acrylic Cupcake Display by AmeiTech

8. 4 Tier Round Acrylic Cupcake Display by AmeiTech
  • ★STRUCTURE: Assembled cupcake stand is 15.7 in high x 13.5 inches…
  • ★SOLID AND STABLE: The pastry tray is made of 4 mm thick acrylic…
  • ★CAPACITY&MATERIAL;: This stand can hold around 60 pieces 2.5″…
  • ★NEW DESIGN: This is a new version 4 tier stand which added 4…

We could never get tired of the acrylic clear looks, and we’re sure you wouldn’t too. For all of them, who are still on the lookout for clear acrylic cupcake stands and haven’t found the one you like yet, here’s another option for you.

The AmeiTech collapsible stands can be put together separately and stacked later. It is constructed out of high-quality acrylic panels that are 4 mm thick.

Plus, they use screwable rods instead of the tube types to prevent the stand from being flimsy and wobbling over. Furthermore, they are easy to clean as well. You only have to wash them by hand and dry them with a paper towel to clean them. That’s it!

Moreover, the rods are embedded with vertical holes that help them to stand straight and, mainly, prevent the acrylic rods from cracking. It can hold up to 12 pounds worth of dessert and food. Also, the set is accompanied by a drawstring pouch to store all the pieces when disassembled.


• Comes with a pouch to store the parts in
• Travel friendly
• Easy to store
• Proof of crack prevention
• Carrying is eas

9. Wilton 4-Tier Stacked Cupcake and Dessert Tower

9. Wilton 4 Tier Stacked Cupcake and Dessert Tower
  • Versatile dessert stands for displaying cupcakes, cookies, individual…
  • Color: White
  • Material: Plastic
  • The assembled tower is 16.25 in. (41.3 cm) high

Are you tired of screwing your stand pieces together? Look no further! Because this is an easy solution to solve your tedious chore in a simply built and stored method. Use this versatile dessert tower to display all your baked goodies stylishly!

This stand uses a collapsible mechanism to open into a tower and then close to being stored. When assembled, the tower is measured at about 16.25 inches. It is four-tiered and can hold up to 36 cupcakes or mini-sized dessert treats. Moreover, its nesting property helps to store each food compactly and neatly.

It is constructed with white plastic that is sturdy and heavy-duty to hold your food items without any mess. Plus, the tiers are slightly angled to showcase their contents with utmost ease and grace.

Besides, the stand is easy to clean and simple to store away when you don’t need it. Whether you have weddings or birthday parties to serve desserts at, this cupcake tower has got you covered!


• Uses a collapsible mechanism
• Easy to store
• Simple to assemble and disassemble
• Effortless cleaning and maintain
• Offers compact storage

10. IHOMECOOKER Clear Acrylic Display

10. IHOMECOOKER Clear Acrylic Display
  • The acrylic size is 3.1-inch width and 12 an inch in Length, Each Tier is 2…
  • Made of clear 4 mm thick acrylic panel, while other’s thickness…
  • Each item was packed with a separate packing box and protective film,…
  • For displaying an array of desserts, appetizers, cosmetic items,…

If you are looking for something unique amidst the general type of cupcake stands available, then you should definitely try this one from IHOMECOOMER. It is a set of acrylic display risers of two steps that you can adorn with your scrumptious delicacies flawlessly!

Unlike other dessert stands, this one is made out of 4mm thick acrylic, which helps it to be sturdy and durable. You can use it to arrange all your desserts and serve them at an event of your choice.

However, you can also use it to display all your glassware too. The item is resilient enough to hold the glassware properly without wobbling over.

Moreover, the stand is simple, and you can easily assemble it at a moment’s notice. They come with screwable parts that anyone can build. Plus, they come with an instruction manual containing specific and clear steps.

Thus, you won’t have to deal with confusion when building it. Also, it comes packaged well so that the acrylic doesn’t have scratches or does not face any damage.


• Made out of clear acrylic
• Unique than the ordinary kinds
• Build a step design
• Comes well packaged to prevent damage
• Offers good strength

What to Look for Before Buying Cupcake Stand

There are multiple things to take into account while buying a product. These are a few of the factors we think you should consider while purchasing your sweet stand.


This is a great factor to consider for all the color-conscious people out there. Buying a color of stand that can match the theme of your event or the decor is pretty crucial if you ask us. Naturally, a contrasting and bold choice of color compared to your décor might not be the best look to go for.

Most people opt for white stands over the other colorful ones as it goes along well with pretty much any theme and color palette. If you are confused, the safest color to go with would be white or something neutral. But if it’s otherwise, feels free to match your colors with the ones available out there.

Stand Size

Another essential criterion for your purchase definitely should be the proper size of the product. The size also depends on the amount of food you plan to serve on it. For instance, if you wish to serve cake, you will want to buy a broader plate than the cake board.

Moreover, the bottom tier will serve you extra space to add additional decorative pieces like flowers and pearls. The safest option for you would be to get a stand with an 11-inch dessert plate or bigger than that. In conclusion, you should get a stand with larger plates that can hold more than the desserts you have at hand.

Weight Capacity

If this is the first time you are purchasing a dessert holder, make sure you consider the number of sweets you plan to make or serve on it. Flimsy stands won’t be able to hold many heavy cakes.

Thus, study and plan your purchase according to the weight of the desserts needed to be served. Investing in a sturdy one will last you a long and can support several numbers of desserts. For the safest option, choose one made out of preferably wood or metal. Learn how to make cakecup stand


Cupcakes undoubtedly have a soft corner in everyone’s heart. It is a creative yet tasty alternative to spending time and showing love to your close ones.

Displaying them is equally as fun and creative of a process. Getting one of the best cupcake stands seems to be the right call to make to save yourself from a number of untimely hassles.

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