10 Best Vegetable Brush For 2023

They say you are what you eat. And while I’m pretty sure I’m not a sack of potatoes, my inner organs that regularly deal with toxins and dirt from said veggies might not agree.

And it wasn’t until last month (when I got the worst upset stomach ever) that I started considering all the harmful stuff we indulge in regularly with our “fresh” groceries.

Fast forward to last week when I discovered a niche tool to help keep my worries at bay – vegetable scrubbing brushes.

And to find the best vegetable brush out there, I personally tried and tested almost every product I could find. Here are the top 10 ones I can recommend to you guys in a heartbeat.

5 Best Vegetable Brush: Recommended

Our Pick1
OXO Good Grips Vegetable Brush
OXO Good Grips Vegetable Brush

Flexible Vegetable Brush Fruit
Flexible Vegetable Brush Fruit

3 Pieces Vegetable Brush Potato Scrubber Brush
3 Pieces Vegetable Brush Potato Scrubber Brush

Redecker Hard and Soft Side
Redecker Hard and Soft Side Vegetable Brush

PROfreshionals Vegetable Brush
PROfreshionals Vegetable Brush


Benefits of Using Vegetable Brushes

But wait – I can’t just jump into this without talking about what makes this cleaning tool so awesome—just making your apples and carrots sparkle can’t be all there is to it. And you’re right!

In terms of noteworthy benefits, the first one that I can’t emphasize enough is keeping yourself and your family safe from the coronavirus. While it hasn’t been proven that the virus can spread from foods, there’s no telling who coughed on those greens before they reached your home.

Moreover, these brushes help erase all the dirt and unwanted substance that doesn’t go away even after washing with water. And the pesticides or layers of wax that might be clinging onto the edible skin of fruits are included.

10 Best Vegetable Brush Reviews:

To find the best vegetable brush, you’ll have to take into account all the pros and cons the different brands offer. Hence, it’s essential to check out the reviews beforehand.

1. OXO Good Grips Vegetable Brush

1. OXO Good Grips Vegetable Brush
  • Nylon bristles clean thoroughly
  • Perfect for potatoes, carrots, and more
  • Flexible, non-slip grip
  • Dishwasher safe

The first product I’d like to draw attention to is this cute little green brush from OXO. Having a dimension of 4.9×3.38×2.4 inches, this is a relatively small and handy tool to use on tomatoes, carrots, lemons, and limes. It fits right into the palm of your hand and feels effortless to handle.

What I loved about this product are the tough nylon bristles that require little to no pressure when in use. They’re both sturdy and flexible.
To be precise, you can easily remove corn silks without damaging the kernels when cleaning corn. I’ve even used it on a few batches of tomatoes and found that the skin didn’t tear (except for when I put too much pressure).

And since I’m usually a clutz, the non-slip grip really helped me out. It was evident how durable it is given how it held up even after I used it for so many veggies. This is made from the same material as dishwasher gaskets. That means it’s also dishwasher safe.


  • Sturdy and dishwasher-safe
  • Provides a non-slip grip
  • Bristles are strong yet flexible both dry and wet
  • Inexpensive and handy due to its size


  • People with large hands may find this troublesome to use

2. MR.SIGA Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Brush

2. MR.SIGA Fruit and Vegetable Cleaning Brush
  • COMBINATION OF DUAL ACTION BRISTLES: Features two different nylon…
  • THOROUGH CLEANING: MR.SIGA produces a brush with durable nylon bristles…
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: MR.SIGA vegetable brush is designed with an…
  • USE & CARE: Easy to use and dishwasher safe. Simply hold produce under…

If you can’t decide what type of bristles would work best for you, then getting this one will be a good idea. The dual-action bristles in this product allow you to get the best of both worlds. One side has angled grey bristles that are perfect for soft produce. The other side has straight white bristles that are tougher.

I found this super convenient since switching from one brush to another based on my vegetable of choice was not fun. But with this, I could rub off the dirt from a rough radish and clean a delicate mushroom using the same tool.

The price is also very affordable. Technically, you’ll get the utility of two brushes while paying for just one!
There’s a built-in plastic remover in this to get rid of potato eyes properly. While it felt nice in my hands, my cousin, who has arthritic hands, found no trouble while using it either. That was a big factor that pushed me to put this on the list’s front.


  • Comfortable to hold for arthritic patients as well
  • Dual bristles for double the utility
  • Has a potato eye remover built-in
  • Affordable price


  • One side of the bristles may wear out faster than the other

3. Fox Run Natural Vegetable Brush

3. Fox Run Natural Vegetable Brush
  • Sturdy beechwood construction with Tampico and bassine fiber bristles
  • Tampico fiber bristles are durable and porous and absorb water better…
  • Featured water-resistant bassine fiber bristles offer a stiffer, more…
  • Perfect for cleaning a variety of vegetables, especially roots…

After trying out all sorts of brushes, something I realized was that Tampico fiber bristles are more absorbent than plastic ones. What’s that you ask? Tampico is a type of fiber derived from agave plants. It’s more porous and has a rougher texture than most synthetic materials and that’s why I put this product on my list of favorites.

This item constructed of beechwood from the company Fox Run was a nice change from the usual nylon brushes. I loved how this looked and felt more natural and organic. Given that you’ll be using it on your food, the more natural the better right?

You’ll also have two types of bristles in this one. The darker side is stiffer while the lighter ones are softer and more flexible. Due to the narrow shape, you can easily use this to clean the inside of the celery as well. And thanks to the wooden material, it’s very lightweight compared to the others.


  • Made of natural materials hence, lightweight
  • Bristles are more absorbent than plastic
  • The narrow design makes cleaning narrow veggies easier
  • Has two different bristle types


  • Lasts relatively lesser than plastic items (but it’s eco-friendly so this wasn’t a deal-breaker for me)

4. Full Circle the Ring Cleaning Brush

4. Full Circle the Ring Cleaning Brush
  • Cleans all produce from apples to zucchini
  • The comfy handle lets you clean with ease
  • Combination of tough recycled bristles and more gentle plant fiber…
  • Earth-friendly materials: Bamboo, recycled plant fiber bristles…

Honestly, one of my biggest pet peeves is when a scrubber has long bristles but nothing to have a proper grip on. As much as I love a good heavy-duty long bristle, it’s not the best experience when the tool keeps flinging out of my hands. So, for anyone who’s in the same boat as me, this next product will be a game-changer.

This little tool that looks like a ring is great for cleaning anything from an apple to zucchini. As the grip is very comfortable, it helped me work faster than I normally do. Moreover, the bristles on this are mixed, which makes it very effective in the task.

Again, I loved the eco-friendliness of this product. Since it’s made from recycled plant fibers, bamboo, and just a tad bit of plastic it lasts long and works like a charm. But do remember to take care of it by washing it in warm soapy water once in a while.


  • Very comfortable to hold
  • Has mixed bristles that are durable
  • Made of earth-friendly materials
  • Bristles are not too hard nor too soft


  • Bamboo bristles need to be taken special care of

5. Dish Scrub Brush Bamboo – S&C Kitchen

5. Dish Scrub Brush Bamboo %E2%80%93 SC Kitchen
  • BIODEGRADABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY – Go green and make a switch…
  • MALLEABLE AND HEAT-PROOF BRISTLES – Our scrub brush for…
  • ERSATILE CLEANING TOOL – Our Bamboo dish scrubbers aren’t…
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE DESIGN – Our dish scrub brush features a…

Are you, perhaps, looking for something a bit more multi-purpose? Well, that’s two of us. Because while I was looking for the best vegetable brush in stores, I low-key wanted something that would let me use it for more than just scrubbing fresh produce. This is one of those products I found on my shopping ventures.

You get two versatile cleaning items in this set from S & C Kitchen. The price point makes this a great deal. Not to mention how many different ways I got to use both items in! From cleaning dishes, scrubbing potatoes, and making my pots and pans shine to even taking grime off the BBQ machine – I was able to do it all.

And the best part is that this product is 100% biodegradable and organic. The bristles are made out of bamboo and sisal/palm. One of them has tough bristles, and the other has medium stiffness. They’re also heat-proof and suitable to be used with almost any detergent. So, you can hand wash these and air dry them easily for maintenance.


  • Sturdy construction of bristles
  • Comes in a set of two
  • Can be used with detergents
  • Has multi-purpose use


  • Since natural fibers hold more water, these bristles take longer to dry out than the ones in typical brushes

6. Stanley Home Products Original Vegetable Brush

6. Stanley Home Products Original Vegetable Brush
  • Sturdy Bristles: Stiff and sturdy, the polypropylene bristles offer…
  • Quality Construction: This vegetable brush is made with a sturdy…
  • Easy Cleaning: Make sure you remove dirt and contaminants from your…
  • Compact Size: Featuring an overall length of six inches – with a…

If you don’t mind spending a bit more for the sake of convenience and quality, then you can consider this product. It’s a cleaning brush with a handle from the company Stanley Home Products. In terms of quality, I found this to be top-tier, thanks to its overall design and materials. Let me elaborate.

As this is built with polypropylene bristles, you can count on its durability. I’ve heard great things from people who’ve been using it for years. The stiff and sturdy material allows the bristles to hold their shape and bounce back even after rough usage. So honestly, I’m not at all surprised.

And the size really made it for me. Having an overall length of 6 inches, half of which is the handle itself, allowed me to use it without torturing my hands. It was easy to reach all the crevices and corners of misshaped fruits and greens with ease. What’s more, the round construction helped me make sure I could encompass the entire vegetable for more efficiency.


  • Has round construction for more effectiveness
  • Very easy to hold thanks to the handle
  • Tough polypropylene bristles
  • Durable construction is meant to last long


  • Comparatively expensive

7. Chef’n PalmBrush Vegetable Brush

7. Chefn PalmBrush Vegetable Brush
  • PERFECT TOOL FOR THE JOB: A kitchen staple, this handheld vegetable…
  • HEALTHY FOOD MADE EASY: The ergonomic design provides a more…
  • HIGH QUALITY: Flexible, easy-to-clean, nylon brush bristles form to…
  • AT HOME: The finger holder on our vegetable brush keeps your hand…

Although I had used peelers from this brand before, I hadn’t tried their veggie scrubber. So, when I tried and tested this Chef’n scrubbing tool myself, I was wondering – what was I thinking about not getting it before?

The ergonomic design combined with the surprisingly lightweight (0.48 ounces!) makes this a staple in any kitchen. I, for one, have been totally converted by its simplicity.

Furthermore, the first thing you’ll notice about this grey brush is its ring-like attachment for gripping.

You can slide your finger onto that and have a firm grasp of the tool. It’s been specially made for arthritic patients which is why I had my cousin try it out a few times. He said it didn’t hurt his hands at all but rather, felt very comfortable and fun to use.

This is also a top-rack dishwasher sack. So, cleaning it was a breeze. The bristles are made of nylon and are quite firm. Although I saw some people online complaining about them being too far apart, I found it easy to use on bulkier greens like butternut squash and big chunks of ginger.


  • Very lightweight
  • Has a reasonable price
  • There’s a finger holder for added grip
  • Safe for cleaning in the dishwasher


  • Difficult to clean narrow veggies due to bristles being more apart than usual

8. Carlisle 4041202 Sparta Professional Potato/Vegetable Brush

8. Carlisle 4041202 Sparta Professional Potato Vegetable Brush
  • The patented brush has stiff polyester bristles for aggressive cleaning
  • Unique “scraper edge” grip for removing hard-to-reach blemishes on…
  • Made in the USA
  • Package Dimensions: 3.5″ L x 7.9″ W x 11.19″ H

Another great option you have in the world of vegetable cleaning scrubs is this one from Carlisle. I found it while looking for something that was specifically designed for root vegetables. And I was not disappointed. With 3 1/2-inch bristles made of polyester, these are perfect for both delicate and aggressive usage.

There’s a scraper at the front of it for removing tough blemishes off coarse-skinned produce. It also works as a way to get the dirt out of the crevices of firm food items. I liked how the white color allowed me to see how much cleaning I was doing.

Unlike the previous item, the bristles in this one are fairly close to each other. While it allows for more precise and narrow cleaning, it’s only suitable for the top rack of dishwashers. But if you ask me, I’d recommend cleaning brushes like this one by hand since it reduces the chances of bacteria staying stuck in between fibers.


  • Great for cleaning narrow areas and crevices
  • Can be used for soft as well as rough cleaning
  • Has an elongated scraper at the front
  • Comfortable to hold


  • You’ll have to sanitize it before the first use since it doesn’t come in sealed packaging but in an envelope

9. Pack of 3 Tawashi Vegetable Brushes

9. Pack of 3 Tawashi Vegetable Brushes
  • IDEAL: Delicately cleans vegetables and fruits without peeling off or…
  • VERSATILE: Suitable for cleaning stubborn dirt and grease on all…
  • SAFE: Non-Scratch fiber, safe use with cast iron, stainless steel…
  • ALL NATURAL: Handmade using Natural Coconut Fiber according to…

Last but not least, I’d like to talk about this furball of a brush from Tawashi. This is another value pack that contains 3 pieces in one packet. Each of them is made from natural coconut fiber and is super easy to work with. They’re aggressive but won’t scratch the surface like plastic bristles sometimes tend to.

Glancing at it first, I thought the bristles would be irritating when holding it. But to my surprise, they were quite soft and pliable which made things quite easier instead.

So far, none of the bristles broke (although a few did shed). And the smell of natural materials used in this tends to stay more on the neutral side even after various uses which I was very pleased to find out.

Since these have a wire-hanging hoop at the end, it’s easy to hang them to dry after use. It weighs 5.6 ounces, and its dimensions are 4x3x2 inches. What I especially enjoyed about this product is the non-scratch feature of the brushes. Again, the Japanese design makes them very effective in their task.


  • Natural bristles are pliable and soft
  • Don’t smell or hold odors
  • Can be hung to dry
  • Comes in a pack of 3


  • Some loose bristles will be found here and there

Things to Consider Before Buying Vegetable Brush

You don’t want to buy a random vegetable scrubber without knowing your vegetable scrubbing needs, do you? Don’t waste your cash like that- get some idea about what to look for first.

And to save you from the hassle of going through endless hours of research, I have written a couple of things below that’ll guide you easily.

These are the things you should consider before buying a vegetable brush:


The shape of the brush plays a significant role in its use. And the shape must be ergonomic so that you can have a comfortable grip. You don’t want to strain your wrists while cleaning carrots.


A brush with high-quality bristles will not be too stiff to scratch the things you want to clean. You also won’t find it to be so soft that the dirt of your farm-fresh vegetables just slips under the bristles.

What you need is grippy material that can be used gently when required.
You should also make sure the bristles are attached well to the brush. We can’t have fibers shedding at the end of the first week, can we?


You can find brushes made of plastic or silicone if you’re searching for something light and convenient. And if you’re trying to be eco-friendly, bamboo or more wood brushes are good picks.

Stainless steel brushes are also quite popular but rusting might be an issue with those. We recommend getting something made from mixed materials or 100% organic since it’ll help maintain the natural essence of your foods better.


Obviously like a lot of things, the size of your brush matters. It’s very important especially if it’s the type with no handles. You should always get one that fits your palm.


The cleaning method depends on the material of the bristles of your vegetable brush. In case you got the ones with a wooden handle, you will have to clean them by hand. If you have ones with plastic or silicone, just throw them in the dishwasher.


In general, these are pretty inexpensive products. You can buy a brush for veggies according to your needs and not worry about prices too much. But a rule of thumb is, the cheaper ones will not last as long. So, don’t be a cheapskate and invest in something that’ll last.

Different Types of Vegetable Brushes

Surprisingly, there is more than a single type of scrubbing tool for your daily diet greens. I’ve listed out a few to make things quick and simple for anyone to figure out.

Natural Fibered Brush

If you’re concerned with the well-being of the environment you can get the ones with natural fiber bristles. These are the ones made from materials like Tampico, Bamboo, Wood, etc.

They’re not only biodegradable but also the healthiest type of brushes to use. And The best part – they don’t cling to odors and smell fairly neutral always.

Nylon/Plastic Brush

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance brush, you might want one with plastic or silicone bristles. They last a long while and are usually pretty stiff. SO roughly using them won’t be an issue.

Mixed Brush

Just like the name suggests, these are those products that are made from both organic and inorganic materials. I actually love using these types of scrubbing tools a lot since they combine the softness and hardness of natural and synthetic materials perfectly.

Handled Brush

As opposed to the palm-fit brushes, these are the ones that have handles. Usually, the size of the handles is longer than the body of the tool. But sometimes it’s just the same size which is also pretty convenient.

Rounded Brush

These are the brushes with winded and rounded bristles. Due to how amazingly diverse they are and the awesome precision cleaning they allow, we’ve even included one of these in our list. You can check that out to see if it suits your fancy.

Scraper Brush

Ah yes, the mighty scraper- an addition to veggie scrubbing brushes that we all love but are seldom satisfied with. Scraper brushes are getting more and more common nowadays since people have loved them. But beware of them being too small because that would just defeat the purpose of getting one of these.

Dual Bristle Brush

Now for the last type – the dual-action scrubs that allow two types of utility. Well, I actually use mine for more than just two actions but let’s just forget that for now. Dual-bristled brushes are those that have separate types of fibers used, are colored differently, and are usually placed at different angles.


While we’re quick to say that greens are good for our health, the recent pandemic has definitely changed our mindsets.
And though we can’t stop being a bit paranoid (I know I am), we can help ourselves by being as safe as possible.

That means cleaning your hands and your groceries. At least it’ll help us sleep better at night, right?

So, with the best vegetable brush in hand, you can be ready to fight away those pesky germs and protect yourself and your loved ones. It was my pleasure to help! Don’t mention it.

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