How Long Does Fruit Infused Water Last?

Water is probably the best drink for everyone, but when there are so many flavorful alternatives out there, it can be difficult to enjoy it. 

What should be done? Drink fruit-infused water!

Fruit-infused water is the ultimate cool treat whether you need to mix it up occasionally, encourage yourself to drink more water, or simply need to cool down on warm days.

But how long does fruit-infused water last? If chilled, fruit-infused water will stay fresh for up to 3 days if kept at room temperature, but may vary depending on the ingredients used.

As a part of this article, we’ll discuss the ideal amount of time to leave fruit in water, both to enhance its flavor and to keep it fresh. Besides describing the benefits of refrigerating your infused water, we will also discuss the best fruits for infusing your water with.

What is Fruit Infused Water?

Any water that has been enhanced with fruit, such as fresh, frozen, or juiced, is fruit infused water.

Infusing water with fruit with high water content is easier. 

Besides fruit, you can also try potent herbs and spices, as well as juicy vegetables. Fruit, however, is probably the most popular option.

How Long to Infuse the Fruit in Water

Depending on your preference and convenience, the amount of time that you infuse the water will vary. 

A good amount of flavor can be imparted to your water in 1–2 hours when your water is at room temperature.

The process may take longer if you are refrigerating your water. You can leave the fruit in for up to 12 hours for stronger flavors, but 3–4 hours should suffice if you like nice infused water. 

You should strain out the fruit once you are happy with the taste. It is possible for the fruit to start decomposing if it is allowed to soak in water for too long, especially if it has not been refrigerated.

How Long Does Fruit Infused Water Last?

It is generally recommended to drink fruit infused water within 4 hours of keeping it out at room temperature. Though food and beverages can probably be stored longer, it’s always safer to consume them as soon as possible if they won’t be stored.

Nevertheless, you can keep your water fresh for about three days if you refrigerate it. Despite the fact that it should be safe to drink for longer, the water will often start to take on a bitter taste, making it less enjoyable.

How Long Can You Leave Fruit in an Infuser Water Bottle?

After the fruit starts to break down, a buildup can start to develop in fruit infuser bottles. There may be small particles of decomposed fruit that escape from the strainer, making your water appear grainy or odd. 

Depending on the type of fruit you used, you should leave the fruit in the water bottle for a different amount of time. 

Fruit infusers hold up best to citrus fruits; however, after a short while, the rinds can begin to make your water bitter.

Strainers can get stuck with delicate fruits, making them difficult to clean as the fruit breaks down quickly. Leaving syrupy fruits like melons in the infuser for a long time may leave a film on the strainer. 

It’s wise to keep an eye on your strainer beyond two hours for most fruits infusing in an infuser bottle.

Potential Dangers of Infused Water

Water infused with fruit, especially in special fruit-infused bottles, has become an increasingly popular way to keep hydrated on the go. As soon as you add fruit to water, bacterial contamination becomes a concern.

You should be concerned if your water is exposed to temperature fluctuations, such as moving from a vehicle air-conditioned in summer to one in the summer heat. 

Thanks to the fruit’s or fruit compounds’ temperature change, bacteria are more likely to grow in your bottle. Food poisoning from water is often not a concern, but it can happen, especially under unfavorable circumstances.

Drinking fruit-infused water is healthy, but you should regularly clean your bottle. Regular cleaning of any water bottle is an important but often overlooked aspect of care.

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Can Lemon Water Go Bad?

Water is most often infused with lemon and other citrus fruits. Infuse the water with their tart juice by juicing a wedge or by letting several slices soak in a pitcher.

How Long Does Lemon Water Last Refrigerated?

Water that has been infused with lemon or citrus fruit should remain fresh for at least three days when stored at 40 F or lower.

The water should be kept in a container with a tight-sealing lid. The refrigerator’s flavor won’t contaminate the water. Additionally, it will keep your water as fresh as possible for longer by preventing bacterial growth. 

You can even keep your lemons in the water for up to 5 days by straining them after 8–12 hours. Fruit that is left in water for long periods will begin to decompose, even if it’s kept cold, and its flavor will weaken more quickly.

How Long Does Lemon Water Last Unrefrigerated?

You should drink lemon water within four hours if you can’t keep it refrigerated or don’t care for fridge-cold water.

Preservatives are not added to fresh lemon juice. Lemons and lemon juice can go bad even though citric acid is a natural preservative. You can get contaminated lemon water if you leave it at room temperature for too long.

You should stop drinking lemon water if it begins to taste flat rather than tangy. As the water becomes more cloudy or darker than it was when you first infused it, you should stop drinking it since it may be contaminated with bacteria. 

How Long Does Cucumber Water Last?

Cucumbers are second only to citrus fruits in terms of popularity in water. They melt into the water quickly and have a mellow flavor.

You should always refrigerate or consume cucumber water within two hours. The fruit should be strained out of your water after a maximum of 12 hours in the fridge so it won’t break down and cause mold or bacterial growth.

After you have removed the cucumber from the can, it can be kept up to three days in the fridge. 

Best Fruit for Infused Water Bottle

You may be wondering what to put in your fruit infuser bottle if you want to move beyond lemon or cucumber water.

To infuse your water, you can use fruit, vegetables, or even herbs that you enjoy. 

We like to infuse our water with the following fruits, vegetables, and herbs:

  • Citrus paired with crushed blueberries
  • Strawberries muddled with basil
  • Rosemary and raspberry
  • Ginger and orange
  • Kiwi and pineapple
  • Lime, celery, and mint muddled
  • Sliced cucumbers and jalapenos

Remove the solid ingredients from the water after 4 hours of infusion for best results. Refrigerate for no longer than 3 days. 

Infused Water with Frozen Fruit

It is easy to add berries or fruit to a glass or bottle of water to add flavor as well as cool it down. Adding the fruits to the water takes longer, but the taste does develop. 

In cases where you cannot drink your water right away, frozen fruit is a great option.

Infusing your infuser water bottle with frozen fruit, for example, before an hour-long drive or hike will help keep your water fresh and cool for as long as possible while still adding flavor to it when you want it.

When you use frozen fruit and don’t refrigerate it, you can usually expect to receive at least 1 extra hour of safety from your fruit-infused water, depending on the air temperature.

Related Questions

Does Infused Water Have Calories?

Dieters and fasters ask this question the most. Do you think drinking infused water will compromise your daily caloric intake or break your fast?

It depends on a number of factors. 

Lime slices added to water have few calories if any. Straining and infusing water should have fewer calories.

However, if you crush half a cup of berries into your water and consume the berries along with it, your drink will have calories and will break your fast.

How Do You Pair Fruit Flavors?

It can be a little difficult to pair fruit with other flavors if you’re not used to cooking. Therefore, we prepared an ultimate table guide to help you pair the best fruit flavors with each other.

Is Fruit Infused Water Good For You?

It’s good for you in numerous ways if you drink fruit-infused water. Keeping hydrated is the primary goal of drinking water. Every single bodily function, including your heartbeat, lungs breathing, and brain function depends on hydration. 

Aside from simply hydration, by switching to fruit-infused water instead of sugar-laden drinks, you will dramatically reduce your calorie and sugar intake. It can be an excellent change for many people.

You may consume more antioxidants and vitamins when you drink fruit-infused water, but this depends entirely on the quality, quantity, and kind of fruit you use. 

What is Hydrogen Infused Water?

Water with hydrogen gas added to it is hydrogen water or hydrogen-infused water. The hydrogen water can often be purchased in prepackaged form or you can add hydrogen tablets to a glass of water at home or in the office. 

As hydrogen water is a new research topic, it has very limited research and is not yet considered reliable. 

Hydrogen-infused water may have an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing the symptoms of aging and improving muscle repair, although there are very few studies that support this theory. Antioxidant properties may also be enhanced.

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