How Long Does Sriracha Last?

Sriracha is sometimes added to any type of food, including scrambled eggs and avocado toast or meat dishes served in the evening.

People who do not fall into this category may not know what to do with half-full sriracha bottles that have been sitting in their fridges for months. 

How long does sriracha last? A sriracha bottle that has not been opened can last for up to 24 months if stored properly. Open bottles of sriracha can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 24 months. Sriracha kept in the pantry can last about 9 months. 

Sriracha lovers will be interested in learning how to store this condiment properly, how to make it keep better, and how to recognize bad sriracha. 

Does Sriracha Go Bad?

There are many foods that go well with Sriracha, including burrito bowls, eggs, and steak. You can even use it as a ramen condiment! You can see why we wish it would last forever.

Sadly, sriracha is perishable, just like all other condiments. It is rather easy for sriracha to go bad when stored improperly. You’ll benefit from the long shelf life of the sauce if you store it properly. 

Chilies and vinegar are used to make Sriracha. Vinegar is a natural preservative that is used in commercially manufactured sauces as well as other additives that improve shelf life.

Acetic acid is present in vinegar. Acetic acid prevents food from spoiling. The vinegar in this sauce, combined with the addition of preservatives, makes it pretty shelf-stable.

Yet every Sriracha user has a common problem. The bottle is enormous. Due to its moderate heat, it is typically served as a top dressing for a variety of foods.

Many people don’t use this red sauce very often, so they end up with near-full bottles of sriracha they have no idea how to use. 

How to Store Sriracha?

You may be wondering how to store this hot sauce for the longest shelf life and maximum flavor if you have just started using it for the first time and have been missing out. 

Sriracha should be stored the same way you store other condiments, either in the fridge or the pantry. 

It is not necessary to refrigerate an unopened bottle of Sriracha. Sriracha has a shelf life of up to two years thanks to its airtight packaging and preservatives. In order to keep it fresh, follow these three things.

Keeping the sriracha away from heat is the first thing you should do. It should be kept away from direct sunlight, as well as heat sources like the stovetop or the oven.

It should be kept in a dark, away from light, place. The bottles of Sriracha are clear. It will quickly become deteriorated when exposed to natural light.

The condiment should also be stored in a temperature-controlled area. The sauce can certainly be stored in a cupboard.

But don’t place it near a stovetop, as the steam from cooking produces temperature fluctuation that eventually leads to the sauce going bad sooner than it should.

Sriracha should therefore be kept in a dark, cool place, such as the pantry or cupboard. You can store opened bottles of Sriracha in the refrigerator. After every use, make sure the lid is tightly sealed. 

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Can Sriracha Be Left Unrefrigerated?

Sriracha in its unopened bottle does not need to be refrigerated. Sriracha does not need to be refrigerated once it’s been opened.

You should store the product in a cupboard or pantry that is cool, dark, and dry. 

Sriracha should not be left unrefrigerated only in hot weather and where it is impossible to find a moderately cool place to keep it. 

You should also make sure that the storage area is kept at a constant temperature if you are not refrigerating the sauce. The sauce’s quality will quickly deteriorate if the storage area is not kept at a constant temperature. 

How Long Does Sriracha Last? 

Sriracha can be stored for quite some time. The cost of a bottle of Sriracha is very low, even if you rarely use it but still enjoy topping your dinner with it. 

According to the best-by date on the bottle, this chili sauce has a shelf life of six months.

This date, however, is simply a recommendation for how long a product will retain its top qualities. Discard the sauce after it has passed its best-by date if you never go beyond the printed date.

However, when the product is not stored correctly, this date means nothing. To store sriracha correctly, don’t ignore the date on the packaging, regardless of the date on the packaging. 

Preservatives are found in store-bought sriracha sauces. They help the condiment keep fresh longer. Sriracha remains good for up to 24 months after its printed date if it remains unopened. 

Inspect the bottle carefully after opening a bottle of sriracha after the expiration date has passed. 

Sriracha, stored in a tightly sealed bottle in the refrigerator, has a shelf life of 24 months once it has been opened. Open bottles of sriracha can be kept in the pantry for about 9 months.

The flavor and intensity of sriracha may be lost if the original bottle of sauce is damaged. To prevent this from happening, transfer the sauce to a jar or bottle that you can seal tightly. 

How Long Does Homemade Sriracha Last? 

The shelf life of homemade sriracha sauce is naturally shorter since it contains no preservatives.

Sriracha should be kept in the fridge as long as the vinegar is still there as a preservative. Sriracha made at home will last approximately four to six months. 

Can You Make Sriracha Last Longer?

Sriracha already lasts a long time, and you can’t make it last any longer. The opposite is possible, however. Knowing how you can extend the shelf life and keep this sauce for as long as possible is important. 

You should always pour the necessary amount of sriracha into a small bowl before using it as a dipping sauce. Return the bottle to its storage location. 

Always remember not to put the leftover sauce back into the bottle. The sauce will become contaminated with food particles.

In addition to adding to the sauce’s flavor, they will also cause it to deteriorate faster. 

Keep the cap of the bottle clean at all times to keep the sriracha’s flavor at its best. The leftover sauce usually makes the cap crusty.

The dried sauce particles will not become dissolved in the sauce if the cap is removed.

Can You Freeze Sriracha to Make It Last Longer?

Many products are effectively preserved by freezing, which extends their shelf life. Is sriracha something that can be frozen? The answer is yes. You can freeze it. You should also ask yourself if there is a need to do this after all.

Sriracha can be stored in the refrigerator or pantry for a long time, so it does not need to be frozen. Sriracha will also become thinner by freezing and defrosting, causing it to become less spicy and flavorful and change in texture.

Take the sriracha out of the freezer beforehand so that it can thaw, as you never know when you will want a splash of it. 

How Do You Know When Sriracha Is Bad?

Generally, Sriracha does not go bad. Most often, a sauce loses its flavor qualities with age, and when the sauce does not add any flavor to a dish, you think it is old. 

However, this does not mean that Sriracha can never spoil. You will surely encounter bad Sriracha if you are left somewhere humid and hot.

Here are the signs that indicate that the condiment should be discarded:

  1. Mold – Sriracha must be thrown out if it has mold in it.
  2. Offputting Smell – It is best to throw out condiments that smell off. Sriracha has a strong garlic flavor and maybe spiced with other herbs and spices. Fermentation should not be detected.
  3. Texture Changes – In the event that the sauce develops a different texture, it should be discarded and a new bottle should be opened. 

The sauce should not show any obvious signs of spoilage, and it should not have been in the refrigerator or pantry for longer than intended. Add it to your food as long as it tastes good. 

When the color of the spicy condiment changes, people are tempted to throw it away. As a chili-based sauce like sriracha ages, it is natural for the color to darken.

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